Seeing Stripes

Seeing Stripes

Dorothy Perkins navy blue dress / Warehouse striped sweater, $39 / Knit top / Te Amo stripe shirt, $16

You see, I hate horizontal stripes on me, they just do not look good. Vertical stripes? Those are alright depending on how the clothes were made. I think I own all of two striped shirts, and they're horizontal shirts but they have HUGE stripes on them. They're literally the same shirt, just in two different colors (because I'm crazy like that). 

Recently, I've been feeling a little more on the loving side of my love/hate relationship of stripes. Especially when it comes to tops like the first two, though it's hard for me to find any in stores. I'm not that great at online shopping because I've got such odd sizing, so I'd rather shop in stores looking for great clothes. If I do online shop, it's because I know I can return whatever it was that I bought if for some reason I don't like it. 

What really caught my eye about stripes recently is that one of my friends pulls off stripes amazingly well. She has a dress very similar to the one on the bottom left, and while sometimes it makes me a little dizzy to look at directly on, it's a super flattering dress on her. 

Do you wear stripes often? Which do you think is the most flattering?

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