Packing for Italy: Electronics

So I'll be leaving for Italy super soon and I just wanted to do a little 'what I'm bringing to Italy' type series, so you can see what I'm bringing in my suit case for a six week trip. Honestly, this is probably not the way to pack, and many other people have really great lists. But I'm in college and I found that a lot of things on the lists that I found didn't apply to me, or some of the lists were lacking some things. 

This post will probably be the stuff that most people find to be unnecessary  but because I'm going to Italy to study abroad, these are things that I absolutely have to bring.

Nook+charger, laptop+charger+case, iPhone+charger, camera+extra batteries+extra SD cards+lenses+chargers, iPod+headphones

Yeah, I'm bringing a lot of expensive items with me to a foreign country, probably not the smartest move, but at the same time I don't really have a choice. I need my laptop, nook & DSLR for my photography class. Plus, I need to bring my phone with me to the airport to keep in touch with my family, plus I'll probably use it as my alarm clock while I'm in Italy, and maybe even extra storage for pictures. Then I'll need my iPod so I don't go crazy on the plane, it's about a 15 hour plane trip there, and a 16 hour plane trip back.

Whenever you travel, what kind of electronics do you bring with you? 


  1. Do not bring a straightener! I brought mine and had the convertor too but I still blew it up! Was not happy! So I had to find the closest thing to Sephora that they had and get one that worked in Europe.
    I also went to apple because all my electronics were apple and got their convertors. Worked like a charm. I should have left the computer at home and just linked my camera to my iPad. But since you are going for school you will need the computer.

  2. So jealous that you are studying abroad in Italy! What fun! I look forward to following along :)

  3. Eek!! Italy?!? So jealous! I had no idea (clearly bc I don't leave Louisiana often) that you had to have converters and such for electronics to work overseas. Have fun doll!


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