Packing for Italy: Clothes!

Well, I found a suitcase literally about a week before I left for Italy, I know last minute (it happens...). I had borrowed one from my mom and step dad but found that I couldn't pick it up off of the ground, so if something were to happen and it would break I wouldn't be able to carry it...So luckily a family friend had some suitcases that I could borrow! I only needed one (thank god), and it kind of fit everything that I need to bring.

For shorts/pants/skirts I'm bringing: a royal blue pair of shorts, a brown pair of shorts, a grey pair of pants, a pair of skinny jeans, a black and white skirt that's about knee length (right above the knee really), a blue/green/white skirt that hits below the knee (for the vatican or other church-like places) and a pair of red and blue shorts that kind of look like a skirt!

Shoes! They're not really clothes, but I figured they'd be good to include here....cause where else would I put them...Anyways, I'm bringing mostly brown shoes because thats what I own, but I'm bringing a pair of wedges, my really comfy sperries, a pair of shower shoes/beach shoes, a pair of sandals and a pair of keds! I'm also bringing a pair of tennis shoes that I'm going to be wearing on the flight there and probably back.

Shirts! So many shirts. I needed options though...I have five v-necks, four tank tops, one striped 3/4 length shirts, a blank silky tank and a green long shirt that's super sheer. So yeah! Just a couple options.

I'm actually bringing a lot of dresses, well a lot more than normal. The blue polka dotted one is really kind of fancy so just in case I need a fancier one, or it's long enough for me to wear the vatican as well. the blue striped one and the pink/purple one on the end are more casual dresses. Then the black/red/pink dress and the solid purple dresses are longer dresses that I can throw a cardigan on over. Then last but not least the brown and white one is super short -- I'll probably use it probably more as a swim suit cover up.

Jacket wise I'm bringing a Colombia jacket, a super light blue cardigan, and the purple cardigan is a bit heavier. I don't think it's supposed to be super cold while we're there but I get cold so easily I'd rather be safe than sorry.

And finally I'm bringing two scarves. The black one is a 'summer scarf' which means it's super light and I can really just throw it on over my shoulders if I need to, say if I forgot to cover them and we're going to somewhere that you have to cover your shoulders. The red scarf is more of a pashmina that my brother bought me a few years back.

It seems like a lot of clothes, but I'll be there for 6 weeks, so I need to have a few options.

What would be the one thing you wouldn't want to forget to bring (clothes wise)?


  1. I think rain jackets are the most important item people forget - I wear mine all the time in Europe because I really hate hauling around an umbrella and it's a perfect summer light/wind jacket, too.

  2. Yayy, 6 weeks in Italy, that's so exciting!!


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