Musical Mondays: Max Schneider

To say that I spend a lot of time on YouTube would be the understatement of the freaking year. I'm constantly searching for new music to listen to, tips on how to apply makeup and achieve the look that I want, and even helpful videos on how to do simple things like boil eggs. 

One day I stumbled upon this kid (we'll, he's my age so is he really a kid?) named Max Schneider. He makes a lot of covers on YouTube, and even has recorded a few original songs. While I think that he sings really amazingly, my favorite songs that he has done have been covers, like the one above. 

Now, I like Suit & Tie, the originally version by JT, but I kind of love his version more. There's something about the way he sings (and dances, hot damn) that I could watch every freaking day. You just go ahead and watch the video and tell me what you think. 

What songs/albums are you loving lately?

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