Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day

This memorial day/weekend I'll be in Italy, so there won't be a usual bbq with family and hanging out with family and friends. Instead, I'll be eating gelato and hanging out with friends in a country that I'm not too familiar with. Honestly, I couldn't of think of a better way to spend memorial day/weekend.

Usually, we'd have a BBQ and just hang out with everyone on the weekend. Sometimes we'll go to my paw paw's camp or other times we'll go to my moms, and eat (a lot). I'm really excited to be out of the country, but really nervous as well. It's not something that I've ever done before, and even having a holiday out of the country is a little weird, but then again is Memorial Day really even a real holiday? What if it was Christmas? Or Thanksgiving (which they don't have in England).

If I was in America, I would probably be wearing something obnoxious like above. Trust me, not all at once, but I love to play dress up on some holidays (especially the 4th of July!). Honestly, I'm so excited that I'm going to be back in town for the 4th of July, hopefully we'll go to my paw paws camp just to relax.

What are you doing for Memorial Day? 

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