I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane!

Well, maybe not a jet plane, but tomorrow's the day that I hop on the plane to go to Italy! I'm nervous/excited/scared all at the same time but I'm so ready. I think I've got everything packed and ready to go, the only thing is just getting to the airport now. 

I'm flying out of New Orleans, and then with two connecting flights, and a couple hours of lay overs I'll be in Rome! Its about 16 hours on the way there and 17 hours on the way back. While I'm going for studying abroad, I'm really excited for all the opportunities that I'll be able to get while I'm there. I'm crossing my fingers that I have everything I need, and whatever I don't have at this point, I'll just buy if I absolutely need it!

Any tips for flying? Where was the last vacation you went on to? 


  1. Have a wonderful trip! Enjoy every minute of it. You won't regret taking this opportunity.

  2. Woohoo! Have a fabulous trip love!

  3. so exciting!! cant wait to see your pictures!! safe travels!


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