Ciao! Bongiorno!

Well, I'm in Italy! I'll probably be insanely busy/tired from jet lag, so for the next couple of weeks I'll have some posts scheduled. They'll be normal content, and it's things that I've wanted to be posting for a while, just haven't had time but now I do! 

While I'm here I'll have my DSLR camera, laptop, and cell phone, so I'm going to try to be updating as much as I possibly can on twitter, instagram, blogging, and any other way possible. But no promises! I want to try and live in the moment. 

I'll be keeping a sort of 'travel journal' while I'm here, so once I get back I'll start to compile posts about my trip, where I went, what I ate, what I would/would not recommend. But for right now, I'm just going to spend as much time here as I can! 

Ciao, tutti! 

Have you ever been to Italy? What's your favorite part? 

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