..Bring May Flowers

May Flowers

Forever New flower print dress, $125 / Accessorize flat shoes / Gorjana stud earrings / Hair accessory

Last week I talked about April Showers, and how much the weather was being fickle. This post however, it's all about the May Flowers (no, not the ship). It's crazy for me to think about how we're already in May! When we were younger, my parents made a deal with my siblings and I dealing with May.

 You see, we had a pool in our backyard, until my mom closed it in this past summer. We would sit outside on 'warm' days in the spring begging our parents to let us swim in the pool. Then one day, our parents came up with a deal of sorts. The pool opened on May 1st, as long as we would help take care of it. We would spend so much time fishing out leaves and making sure everything was good to go, so we would be able to go swimming on May 1st. 

While the outfit picture above has nothing to do with swimming, because let's face it, it's still too freaking cold to go swimming (it always was), it does deal with May! You see, I was looking for something with flowers on it, but then I don't really wear floral patterns. So I found the next best thing, something with a subtle dash of floral print. 

What's your favorite thing about May? Can you believe it's already here!

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