Birchbox Breakdown: Likes and Dislikes

So I joined birchbox back in March of last year, and since then I've posted a couple of times about what I've gotten in my boxes and what I liked and didn't like. You can see posts from last Aprillast Junelast July, and this past October. I've even bought a few things from their website, the Zoya Nail Polish Collection and the Stila In The Light Palette

Everything I got in my April Box

When I was trying to post about the boxes on a regular basis, a lot of the questions that I got asked was if I liked it or not, and was it worth it. So I figured, I'll try and do more updates of what I get in my boxes, and if I would actually purchase the items. Here goes nothing! 

These are some of the boxes I've received

I'm going to start with what I don't like about BirchBox: 

  1. BirchBox has you fill out a survey about your skin type, color, hair color, eye color, and what you would/wouldn't spend a lot of money on, however I feel like they rarely take this into consideration whenever sending you products. 
  2. I have sensitive skin, so some of the products they send me, I'll try a little bit of it and then can't use the rest because it doesn't do well with my skin. 
  3. They always send you a perfume. Now, this is fine, but I'm not a huge perfume person. I have a vanilla based perfume that I use religiously and I'm not really looking for anything else. 

And finally, what I like about BirchBox: 

  1. I really like that the website in insanely easy to use, and they keep track of all the boxes you've gotten and what's in them. It's really easy to find a product that I like and go to purchase it. 
  2. A lot of the products are things that I hadn't heard of before, and because of this I feel like I really get to try new products without actually spending a lot of money to try something I may or may not like. 
  3. You can save up points, and for every 100 points, you get the equivalent of $10. So you can save up all your points, like I did, and splurge them on something that you've had your eyes on for a while. 
  4. It's insanely easy to find their products on their website and find more information about them. 
All in all, for me, BirchBox is worth it, otherwise I wouldn't have spent a year's worth of money on getting it every month 'just to see'. I'm not saying that they always hit the nail on the head with their products, but when they do it's awesome. 

My favorite product I've gotten, to date.

Just a little side note: I pay for BirchBox every month, they don't sponsor me or send me free boxes. All opinions are my own, and you may disagree with some of the things I've said here, and that's fine. 

Would you sign up for BirchBox or a similar subscription site? 

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  1. I had Birchbox for a few months and for the most part I didn't like it. It's fun to get surprise "gifts" each month but I feel like the stuff was all so similar.


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