What I've Been Watching: Iron Man 3


Right before I left for Italy, my dad and I went to go see Iron Man 3. I wanted to see the movie with a friend, but we never really made a time to get together and see it, so I asked my dad if he wanted to go see it. We sat and talked for a little bit, figuring out with the logistics of me leaving, and coming home. 

The movie was SO GOOD, my dad really, really loved it. Neither of us couldn't really remember the second movie all that well, but we googled a summary before and got that sorted out. Personally, I think I liked this one just as much as the first one. There's really not much more that I can say other than it was really good without giving anything away. 

This is the press release for the synopsis given by Marvel, so if you want to see what it is, read on! 

Marvel Studios’ “Iron Man 3″ pits brash-but-brilliant industrialist Tony Stark/Iron Man against an enemy whose reach knows no bounds. When Stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemy’s hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible. This journey, at every turn, will test his mettle. With his back against the wall, Stark is left to survive by his own devices, relying on his ingenuity and instincts to protect those closest to him. As he fights his way back, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?

I brought a blanket-type sweater and we bought some popcorn and cokes and just had a great time. I couldn't think of the last time that I actually went and saw a movie in the theaters, and I definitely picked a good one!

What is the last movie that you saw? 

Packing for Italy: Clothes!

Well, I found a suitcase literally about a week before I left for Italy, I know last minute (it happens...). I had borrowed one from my mom and step dad but found that I couldn't pick it up off of the ground, so if something were to happen and it would break I wouldn't be able to carry it...So luckily a family friend had some suitcases that I could borrow! I only needed one (thank god), and it kind of fit everything that I need to bring.

For shorts/pants/skirts I'm bringing: a royal blue pair of shorts, a brown pair of shorts, a grey pair of pants, a pair of skinny jeans, a black and white skirt that's about knee length (right above the knee really), a blue/green/white skirt that hits below the knee (for the vatican or other church-like places) and a pair of red and blue shorts that kind of look like a skirt!

Shoes! They're not really clothes, but I figured they'd be good to include here....cause where else would I put them...Anyways, I'm bringing mostly brown shoes because thats what I own, but I'm bringing a pair of wedges, my really comfy sperries, a pair of shower shoes/beach shoes, a pair of sandals and a pair of keds! I'm also bringing a pair of tennis shoes that I'm going to be wearing on the flight there and probably back.

Shirts! So many shirts. I needed options though...I have five v-necks, four tank tops, one striped 3/4 length shirts, a blank silky tank and a green long shirt that's super sheer. So yeah! Just a couple options.

I'm actually bringing a lot of dresses, well a lot more than normal. The blue polka dotted one is really kind of fancy so just in case I need a fancier one, or it's long enough for me to wear the vatican as well. the blue striped one and the pink/purple one on the end are more casual dresses. Then the black/red/pink dress and the solid purple dresses are longer dresses that I can throw a cardigan on over. Then last but not least the brown and white one is super short -- I'll probably use it probably more as a swim suit cover up.

Jacket wise I'm bringing a Colombia jacket, a super light blue cardigan, and the purple cardigan is a bit heavier. I don't think it's supposed to be super cold while we're there but I get cold so easily I'd rather be safe than sorry.

And finally I'm bringing two scarves. The black one is a 'summer scarf' which means it's super light and I can really just throw it on over my shoulders if I need to, say if I forgot to cover them and we're going to somewhere that you have to cover your shoulders. The red scarf is more of a pashmina that my brother bought me a few years back.

It seems like a lot of clothes, but I'll be there for 6 weeks, so I need to have a few options.

What would be the one thing you wouldn't want to forget to bring (clothes wise)?

Musical Mondays: Local Natives

Today's Musical Mondays is brought to you by a band called Local Natives. They're a band who I've been obsessed with for quite some time, but only recently have I fallen back in love with them pretty hard. Whenever Elliot and I were dating, this was a band that we would play in the car nonstop. He showed them to me one day and I instantly fell in love. 

There's something about their voices that is so amazing. They've recently released a new album, and personally I think that it's just as good as their first! While this song wasn't actually on any of their albums, it was released as a single, it's probably one of my favorites. 

Unfortunately, every time they've come played anywhere near me I haven't been able to go. Hopefully one day I'll catch them on tour! 

What songs/albums are you loving lately?

Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day

This memorial day/weekend I'll be in Italy, so there won't be a usual bbq with family and hanging out with family and friends. Instead, I'll be eating gelato and hanging out with friends in a country that I'm not too familiar with. Honestly, I couldn't of think of a better way to spend memorial day/weekend.

Usually, we'd have a BBQ and just hang out with everyone on the weekend. Sometimes we'll go to my paw paw's camp or other times we'll go to my moms, and eat (a lot). I'm really excited to be out of the country, but really nervous as well. It's not something that I've ever done before, and even having a holiday out of the country is a little weird, but then again is Memorial Day really even a real holiday? What if it was Christmas? Or Thanksgiving (which they don't have in England).

If I was in America, I would probably be wearing something obnoxious like above. Trust me, not all at once, but I love to play dress up on some holidays (especially the 4th of July!). Honestly, I'm so excited that I'm going to be back in town for the 4th of July, hopefully we'll go to my paw paws camp just to relax.

What are you doing for Memorial Day? 

Ciao! Bongiorno!

Well, I'm in Italy! I'll probably be insanely busy/tired from jet lag, so for the next couple of weeks I'll have some posts scheduled. They'll be normal content, and it's things that I've wanted to be posting for a while, just haven't had time but now I do! 

While I'm here I'll have my DSLR camera, laptop, and cell phone, so I'm going to try to be updating as much as I possibly can on twitter, instagram, blogging, and any other way possible. But no promises! I want to try and live in the moment. 

I'll be keeping a sort of 'travel journal' while I'm here, so once I get back I'll start to compile posts about my trip, where I went, what I ate, what I would/would not recommend. But for right now, I'm just going to spend as much time here as I can! 

Ciao, tutti! 

Have you ever been to Italy? What's your favorite part? 

Musical Mondays: Tom Petty & The Heartbreaker's

I'm in Italy! Ciao! Well, I hope I am! I've scheduled a few posts so that while I'm here my little blog doesn't become untended. We'll have class every day for quite some time so it'll be hard for me to be on top of everything, but I'm going to try and respond to all comments as soon as possible. Just know that I'm in Italy, so my small blog isn't going to be my first priority (neither is responding to comments or emails).

Anyway, on with the show! Since I'm in Italy, the first thing that came to my mind to play for the Musical Monday's was Tom Petty's "American Girl". When I first listened to Tom Petty, I wasn't really a huge fan but he grew on me really quickly. The few days before I flew out I would listen to this song on repeat....it seems like a common theme among my Musical Mondays. 

When I went go visit my aunt in New York for summer when I was 11, I can distinctly remember her listening to ZZ Top, Dave Matthews Band and Tom Petty on repeat for the entire month that I was there. And you know what, I remember hating it. She even brought me to a ZZ Top concert; I had fun but didn't really know what was going on. Now, I appreciate the music so much more. 

What songs/albums are you loving lately?

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