Yearly Traditions: Dying Easter Eggs

Yes, I googled "how to boil eggs"
My favorite mug is the one from Disney; it's "Grumpy"
When we were younger, it used to be that before Easter Sunday, my sister, my brother and I would all dye Easter eggs together. Then on Easter Morning we would have to wake up and go find the eggs that the Easter bunny hid from us.

Everything that came in the box for dying eggs!
Well one year, we weren't able to find all the eggs, and my parents couldn't remember where they hid the last one. you could imagine, this was a HUGE problem...we only found the egg when it started smelling AWFUL. Needless to say the next year, we hid plastic eggs instead of the real eggs so if we lost one, it wouldn't really matter.

Before boiling

After boiling!
This year, my sister got a job so whenever I come home I have to text her to see when/if she's coming home. She's also a super busy body so she's always on the go. Well I texted her while I was boiling the eggs and asked if she wanted to help me dye eggs. Her response: "I have work 5pm-1am. So just do it without me"...oh okay...

Purple and Gold for LSU, I didn't do this on purpose, but it's just the two best pictures of individual eggs

So that's exactly what I did. While I was kind of sad that my sister wouldn't dye eggs with me, I still had a really good time. There's something small about continuing traditions, even if it's by myself, that's really calming to me.

I had 12 colors; it was a lot to pick from, I think next year I'll take pick a pack with a few less colors

My friend and I are thinking of starting a YouTube channel, so while I was dying eggs I put on a few of my favorite YouTube channels on in the background and just hung out. While I was sad my sister couldn't be there dying eggs with me, it was kind of nice to pretend to have my house to my self.

The finished product

Do you have any projects/traditions you and your family like to do for this holiday? What are they? 


  1. those look great!! i love dying easter eggs :)

  2. I love that you did it anyway. That is so important for us to do things regardless of whether anyone else is there. That's just awesome and they came out great!

  3. Love the neon colors!! I missed doing that so much the past couple years. Actually, in Germany, they always ahve the brown eggs but sell the white ones around Easter time. Pretty funny!

  4. I was exhausted this Easter and didn't do much of anything... but this is how my Easters always looked as a kid and I definitely plan to dye eggs with my kids someday!
    The real reason I stopped by, though, was to tell you that I just scheduled your 50 Nifty United States post and it'll go up on my blog Monday at 6am. =]


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