The Messiest of all Messes

Do y'all want to see something a little scary? This is what my room looks like when I come home for 10 days.

You see, one of the not so awesome things about living in a sorority house means that they kick you out for every freaking holiday that school closes. Now, this usually isn't a huge deal, but it's kind of annoying when the weather is going from 50 degrees one day to 80 the next, and the weather man can kind of give you a thought about how it'll be outside, but it's not guaranteed.

I leave for the beach on Wednesday after work, and don't come home until Saturday. So I needed to have everything packed up and ready by Tuesday evening. This meant my room was CRAZY for a couple of days. But luckily I got everything sorted out just in time.

The picture above of the little elephant shows one of my favorite objects in my room. I have a thing for elephants, and I bought this one while I was in Disney World last year. It was a really great trip with my then-boyfriend and friends. I'll take a look at it and think about all the memories we made during that trip.

Does your room ever get a little out of hand? What's your favorite object in your room?


  1. super cute elephant!
    i see you're interested in languages?? i'm a linguistics and rhetoric major and i love languages too!! i always check out because there's always something interesting with literature and linguistics there, check it out!

    my favorite part of my room is the big windows that let in so much natural light


  2. Have fun at the beach! Sounds like it will be the perfect vacation for you! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at


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