Oh Just Never Mind...


...The Buzzcocks! 

To say these past couple of weeks have been crazy would be the understatement of the year. From getting ready to go on spring break, spring break, and then coming back and trying to get back into a normal routine, I'm just about worn out. 

I've had a couple presentations this week, and a paper so I've been up late at night. For me, writing and getting things done is much easier when I'm listening to something/watching something/have some kind of background noise on. 

As of recently, I started watching a British comedy/game show that deals with pop culture/music industry. Every week the two guys up above, Noel and Phil, have two different team members and there's a different host to the show every week as well. It's insanely hysterical and I love seeing the different people going on every week. Now, a lot of the time I won't know who most of the people are, seeing as they're mostly British, but it's showed me a lot of different types of artists that I wouldn't have normally heard of or have listened to before. 

I found all the episodes on YouTube, well the last series anways! 

Whats a show you've been watching as of lately?


  1. Watch the Simon Amstell episodes (series 19-22) they're the best ones!


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