Go for One Thing, Come Back with Five Others

I have this problem, you see. I can't go into a store for just one thing without coming out with about six other things. This time, all I needed were TSA approved locks for my suitcase and my booksack for when I'm flying to Rome/carrying a booksack on a train in Italy. That's it. I needed two sets of locks. 

Then the fatal problem occured, I walked by Target's makeup section. Their Kate Moss lipsticks were cheaper here than any other place and I loved the one I had bought a while back so much that I figured, why not pick up two more. Well, then those two more were right next to the e.l.f. products which I've heard great things about. So I just picked up two of their products. 

THEN I saw the Revlon lip butters and thought well I should just pick up two of those and see how they are...they had way to many colors, by the way, and of course I picked the wrong ones for my skin tone. And finally as I was walking out I remembered I needed a new chapstick, and why get a normal one when you can buy baby lips. 

And that my friends, is how I justified buying five lip products, two e.l.f. products and two of the TSA approved locks (which is the only item that I really needed in this trip anyways). 

Do you ever walk into a store needing one thing and walk out with seven? 


  1. I seriously try to stay away from Target because I always walk out of there saying, "I just needed bread but now I have a basketball, toe socks, and a new airplane!" Nine Million Dollars later.

  2. All the time. I try to talk on my phone while I'm in the store so I focus on just what I came in for!


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