Friday! Friday! Friday!

This is about how I feel when someone mentions we should be studying
Thank god it's Friday, y'all. We have one more week of school and than a week of finals (then I'm off on a jet plane the next week). So needless to say the next couple of weeks are going to be high stress for me. 

And I'll try not to look like this when studying...or in class
Now, this weekend I was going to hang out with my family, study, write some papers, and just relax. But instead, I've got dinner with my dad tonight, crawfish boil at my moms tomorrow, and then work on Sunday. So it'll be a little more interesting to try and get everything done in time to not stress out about everything. 

And when it's all over, I plan on sleeping, though maybe not as graceful as this
Most of all, I've got a 25 page paper, that I've only got 14 pages of written, due on Wednesday. It's for my History and Science Fiction class, which sounds harder than you may think. I'll have my nose shoved in books about 1984 by George Orwell, 1980's Cinematography, and Nazi Propoganda. Yup, that much of a range of topics. 

What are your plans for the weekend? 


  1. Good luck with finals love! Almost there!!!

  2. Good luck! I totally plan on going to an LSU baseball game and work. Probably more work than fun but oh well!


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