April Showers

April Showers

Topshop mesh top / Chiffon skirt, $23 / Hunter shoes, $130 / 
Steve Madden / Forever 21 yellow gold bracelet / River Island , $38

I don't know about you, but usually down here in southern Louisiana the weather is normally super rainy and super hot in April. For some reason this year though, the weather has almost been nice. Even though one day it was 87 and the next it was 60, and FREEZING. Though I think anything below 70 is absolutely awful. 

Today, I'm thinking of the phrase "April showers bring May flowers" and was inspired to try and create an outfit that revolved around the rain. Since I'll be leaving for Italy in just a few weeks, I thought I would bring in some pieces that I'll probably using while I'm there. 

Maxi skirts, even though I still need to buy a few, and a cross body bag are going to be my absolute best friend while we're in Italy. I've been told it's going to be quite cold when we first get there, but it's going to be warm by the time that we leave, so I figured I'd bring out something very versatile. Also, I'm kind of obsessed with the white shirt above. 

What styles are you into when it's pouring raining? 


  1. Those boots are absolutely perfect for April showers! I am definitely into wearing a crossbody bag (so that my hands are free for my umbrella) and a bit of color to brighten an otherwise dreary day xo

  2. Pretty picks... and lovely blog! Happy Friday!

  3. coming over from the link up :) hunters get me every time!


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