Another Easter Tradition: Sugar Cookies

When I first pulled out the packaging, I was a little confused
 So, in the last post I mentioned that one of our traditions was dying Easter eggs together as a family, well we have another tradition: cookies. Every holiday I usually take over the kitchen for a couple of days and just bake. Usually it's after some sort of Finals or Midterms, and I use it as a way to de-stress.

But I was pleasantly surprised! 

The only thing about this is that I absolutely SUCK at making sugar cookies, so usually I'll buy tollhouse cookies. Usually they make ones for each holiday and we always buy a pack (or two, or three) to just throw in the oven while we're doing other holiday things.

About to go in the oven! 
This year, we bought a different kind of cookie and I don't know what I was expecting, but this was not it. It was weird to have a sheet of sugar cookie come out, but I really liked them so it was all good.

Do you bake for holidays? Or is there a certain meal that you make for holidays? 


  1. What a cute easter tradition, those cookies look so yummy! I love your blog header.


  2. i love love the cut a bake sugar cookies. seriously the best things ever!


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