Go for One Thing, Come Back with Five Others

I have this problem, you see. I can't go into a store for just one thing without coming out with about six other things. This time, all I needed were TSA approved locks for my suitcase and my booksack for when I'm flying to Rome/carrying a booksack on a train in Italy. That's it. I needed two sets of locks. 

Then the fatal problem occured, I walked by Target's makeup section. Their Kate Moss lipsticks were cheaper here than any other place and I loved the one I had bought a while back so much that I figured, why not pick up two more. Well, then those two more were right next to the e.l.f. products which I've heard great things about. So I just picked up two of their products. 

THEN I saw the Revlon lip butters and thought well I should just pick up two of those and see how they are...they had way to many colors, by the way, and of course I picked the wrong ones for my skin tone. And finally as I was walking out I remembered I needed a new chapstick, and why get a normal one when you can buy baby lips. 

And that my friends, is how I justified buying five lip products, two e.l.f. products and two of the TSA approved locks (which is the only item that I really needed in this trip anyways). 

Do you ever walk into a store needing one thing and walk out with seven? 

Musical Monday's: Little Mix

To say that it's been a slight British invasion in our room as of lately would be an understatement. I've talked about a British comedy show called Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and a British singer named Rita Ora before, but that barely scratches the surface. 

Today, it's all about an all girl band called Little Mix. They auditioned on the UK show, The X Factor, and won their season. They've released an album, although I'm not sure if the entire thing has dropped int he USA just yet, and it's awesome. 

I've probably listened to the entire thing about 12 different times. It's a playlist, because I don't have a CD player in my car, that I keep on hand at all times. While they have a lot of really great songs on their CD, one of my favorite has to be How Ya' Doin. They released two different versions of it, one with Missy Elliot and one without. Personally, I really like the version without Missy Elliot, but both are great. 

What songs/albums are you loving lately?

Friday! Friday! Friday!

This is about how I feel when someone mentions we should be studying
Thank god it's Friday, y'all. We have one more week of school and than a week of finals (then I'm off on a jet plane the next week). So needless to say the next couple of weeks are going to be high stress for me. 

And I'll try not to look like this when studying...or in class
Now, this weekend I was going to hang out with my family, study, write some papers, and just relax. But instead, I've got dinner with my dad tonight, crawfish boil at my moms tomorrow, and then work on Sunday. So it'll be a little more interesting to try and get everything done in time to not stress out about everything. 

And when it's all over, I plan on sleeping, though maybe not as graceful as this
Most of all, I've got a 25 page paper, that I've only got 14 pages of written, due on Wednesday. It's for my History and Science Fiction class, which sounds harder than you may think. I'll have my nose shoved in books about 1984 by George Orwell, 1980's Cinematography, and Nazi Propoganda. Yup, that much of a range of topics. 

What are your plans for the weekend? 

April Showers

April Showers

Topshop mesh top / Chiffon skirt, $23 / Hunter shoes, $130 / 
Steve Madden / Forever 21 yellow gold bracelet / River Island , $38

I don't know about you, but usually down here in southern Louisiana the weather is normally super rainy and super hot in April. For some reason this year though, the weather has almost been nice. Even though one day it was 87 and the next it was 60, and FREEZING. Though I think anything below 70 is absolutely awful. 

Today, I'm thinking of the phrase "April showers bring May flowers" and was inspired to try and create an outfit that revolved around the rain. Since I'll be leaving for Italy in just a few weeks, I thought I would bring in some pieces that I'll probably using while I'm there. 

Maxi skirts, even though I still need to buy a few, and a cross body bag are going to be my absolute best friend while we're in Italy. I've been told it's going to be quite cold when we first get there, but it's going to be warm by the time that we leave, so I figured I'd bring out something very versatile. Also, I'm kind of obsessed with the white shirt above. 

What styles are you into when it's pouring raining? 

A Review: Stila's In The Light Palette

Hey y'all, so today is going to be a little bit different in terms of posting. Recently I've become more and more obsessed with makeup, and I've been wanting to use a lot more, and learn a lot more about it. So the other day I was browsing BirchBox's website and saw that I had a ton of credits. 

You see, I love Birchbox. Some people do, some people don't, but personally for me it works. You see, for $10 a month, I can get samples of a couple different products, most I'd never heard of before. After you get each box, you can go in and rate/review the products that you got in your box. Each time after you rate a product, you get 10 points. Whenever you get 100 points, you get a $10 credit to your account.

Well, somehow I had amassed about 400 points, which equals to $40. See, I like to save up my points, so I can "buy" something big with them. So I was browsing on BirchBox's website and came across this Stila Palette. I had heard great things about Stila before, but never really checked out any of their products.

It was $36, without shipping, but since I had so many points I decided to just bite the bullet and buy the palette. I've sometimes heard it described as being very similar to the Urban Decay Naked Palette, though I'm not sure if it was Naked or Naked2. I've been lusting after the Naked Palettes, even the Basics Palette, and thought that this would be a good introduction to the world of makeup palettes.

When it came in the mail, I instantly opened it. I wanted to see how the colors would look on my skin tone, because I've got yellow pigmenting and I'm insanely pale which can sometimes be tricky to wear some of these colors. But I've got to admit, I'm in love with it. The first two colors on the top row, left side are about  my skin color, so a lot of the time I'm using the white one as a highlighter and the one next to it as the base for whatever look I'm trying to create.

The left hand side is under natural light, and the right hand side is under my bedroom lights
The pictures are a smidge blurry, sorry about that! I was so excited to open it and start playing with it that I forgot to double check everything, and by the time I had put everything away/cleaned everything off I realized that they were blurry. It's my first time trying to photograph swatches though, I'll get better! All in all I have to say that this product was definitely worth using my points at BirchBox for. Once I get back from Italy and off my spending freeze I'll be checking out a lot more products from their line!

What kind of make up have you been obsessed with lately? Any suggestions on makeup you think is worth using? 

Musical Monday's: Tegan and Sara

Okay, so I'm not going to lie, it took me a little bit to finally figure out how to embed videos into my blog post (and make them bigger than the normal little screen), but I've figured it out! Anyways, onton what I was supposed to be saying originally. 

I heard about Tegan and Sara a while ago from a friend who was super obsessed with them. Now, at first I didn't really get it. I liked a couple of songs but there wasn't really anything that stood out to me, besides one song. 

For those of you who don't know who Tegan and Sara are, they're twins from Canada who produced indie rock music. They put out their first studio album in 1999, and have been making music ever since. 

Recently, they released a new album, and it's very different from some of their previous albums/singles. The single they released is above, called Closer. It's so much fun and it's really awesome to dance to. I keep a playlist on my computer for whenever I'm having an awful day and this is one of the most played songs. 

What songs/albums are you loving lately?

Lets Talk Neon

Let's Talk Neon

BCBGMAXAZRIA / BCBGMAXAZRIA neon jewelry / Accessorize neon earrings
Matthew Williamson / Henri Bendel / Loop scarve / Monki neon hat, $20

Summer. Summer. Summer. The more I type it the closer it gets right? Not that I can complain much about the weather we're having. Today, it's supposed to be up to 86.  The only awful part about that? The humidity is crazy. It's so insanely muggy outside right now it's not even close to being funny. 

For summer, I love having bright clothes and accessories (well, now that I"m starting to buy accessories). There's something about the bright colors that just make me so insanely happy. Now, I know the title of this post is "let's talk neon" but now that I'm looking at all the things that caught my eye, it's clear to me that this summer I may have a thing for neon pink. 

I'm waiting to do any kind of shopping (clothes, make up, accessories) until I get back from Italy, so that way I'll hopefully have picked up some things there and I'll have lots of goodies to show y'all! 

What are you looking forward to this summer? How do you feel about neons? 

Keep On Keeping On

As everyone probably (and should) know, yesterday there were a few bombs that went off at the Boston Marathon. I have class all day straight and turn my notifications for news sources off, so when my roommate texted me to tell me that there was a bomb (at the time the second one hadn't gone off) at the Boston Marathon I didn't exactly believe her, and I was a little confused. 

Now, I haven't ran a marathon but I have run two half marathons the Louisiana Marathon and the Rock & Roll New Orleans Marathon. I haven't posted about the Rock and Roll New Orleans Half Marathon yet because I'm still trying to figure out how to describe it, but alas I'll get there. There would be absolutely no way that I could qualify for the Boston Marathon because I'm slow. I finished my first half at 2:59 and my second at 2:56.

I was sick when I was running this, so this is the happiest picture I could find
Naturally, the first thing I did was text my mom telling her what happened. She's usually at work and sometimes she gets the news and sometimes she doesn't. Her boss runs, so she definitely heard the news that day. Afterward, I sat at work with my coworkers, opened up twitter and any news we could find and we all just kind of watched. Nobody knew what to say, or how to phrase what we were feeling, besides just being in shock. 


The fact that someone bombed a marathon was something I couldn't wrap my head around for the longest time. The finish line is one of the happiest places on earth (at least for me). So I read anything and everything that I could get my hands on. From newspapers to twitter feeds, to articles written by everyday columnists. The two that stuck out to me the most, were written by Ezra Klein and Dave Zirin. Both articles mention Katherine Switzer, the first woman to ever run the Boston Marathon, and if you haven't heard her story yet, you should really read it.

Musical Monday's

Hello there! Today I decided that I would start doing something different on Mondays, and hopefully attempt to keep it up. My roommate is really good at finding different types of music, and sometimes lesser known musicians, playing them and creating really awesome playlists. So I thought I would feature a song or a band that I've been obsessed with recently, or really liked! 

As summer is quickly approaching and I'll be on a couple of flights all lasting around 15-18 hours total (break between flights & actual flight times), I've been trying to find something different. I've found a couple podcast that I really love, but more on that later. 

I've found myself falling more and more in love with dance music as summer is coming. Something you can throw on and drive around town with the windows down, blaring the music as loud as it will go, and just laughing with friends.

For me, this weeks song is Party by Rita Ora, who is a British singer. While I've known about this song for awhile, I've been listening to it nonstop in this past week. Listening to this song makes me so excited for traveling and dancing with old and new friends while in a foreign country where we don't know anyone.

What song/album/artist have you been loving lately?

Oh Just Never Mind...


...The Buzzcocks! 

To say these past couple of weeks have been crazy would be the understatement of the year. From getting ready to go on spring break, spring break, and then coming back and trying to get back into a normal routine, I'm just about worn out. 

I've had a couple presentations this week, and a paper so I've been up late at night. For me, writing and getting things done is much easier when I'm listening to something/watching something/have some kind of background noise on. 

As of recently, I started watching a British comedy/game show that deals with pop culture/music industry. Every week the two guys up above, Noel and Phil, have two different team members and there's a different host to the show every week as well. It's insanely hysterical and I love seeing the different people going on every week. Now, a lot of the time I won't know who most of the people are, seeing as they're mostly British, but it's showed me a lot of different types of artists that I wouldn't have normally heard of or have listened to before. 

I found all the episodes on YouTube, well the last series anways! 

Whats a show you've been watching as of lately?

Sensible Shoes

Sensible Shoes

NIKE shoes, $155 / TOMS shoes / Superga lacing shoes
Keds lacing shoes, $77 / Havaianas sandals / Lacing shoes

Since I'll be going to Italy soon, I've been thinking more and more about the shoes I need to buy/bring with me there. At every study abroad meeting we've been to, the talk has always been about how we need to bring sensible shoes. We're going to be doing a lot of hiking/walking around Rome and the surrounding areas, so it'll be necessary to find some shoes that don't kill my feet.

My roommate always talks about these shoes called Superga's, saying that they're the most comfortable shoe she's ever owned and they're great for walking. Well, these are Italian shoes, so while I'm not planning on buying any before I go, I may have to pick up a pair while I'm there.

Other than those, it'll be best to bring a shoe with a lot of support, so I'm thinking my running shoes (that I'm retiring cause they're a little too small to run in), and maybe a pair or two of shoes that I can just toss after the trip like some keds or toms. Some shoes that I can just add some support to!

Finally, I'll have to bring a pair of cheap flip flops (or maybe two). One pair for the beach, one pair to walk around the house/take showers in?

What have you found to be the best type of walking shoes? 

Another Easter Tradition: Sugar Cookies

When I first pulled out the packaging, I was a little confused
 So, in the last post I mentioned that one of our traditions was dying Easter eggs together as a family, well we have another tradition: cookies. Every holiday I usually take over the kitchen for a couple of days and just bake. Usually it's after some sort of Finals or Midterms, and I use it as a way to de-stress.

But I was pleasantly surprised! 

The only thing about this is that I absolutely SUCK at making sugar cookies, so usually I'll buy tollhouse cookies. Usually they make ones for each holiday and we always buy a pack (or two, or three) to just throw in the oven while we're doing other holiday things.

About to go in the oven! 
This year, we bought a different kind of cookie and I don't know what I was expecting, but this was not it. It was weird to have a sheet of sugar cookie come out, but I really liked them so it was all good.

Do you bake for holidays? Or is there a certain meal that you make for holidays? 

The Messiest of all Messes

Do y'all want to see something a little scary? This is what my room looks like when I come home for 10 days.

You see, one of the not so awesome things about living in a sorority house means that they kick you out for every freaking holiday that school closes. Now, this usually isn't a huge deal, but it's kind of annoying when the weather is going from 50 degrees one day to 80 the next, and the weather man can kind of give you a thought about how it'll be outside, but it's not guaranteed.

I leave for the beach on Wednesday after work, and don't come home until Saturday. So I needed to have everything packed up and ready by Tuesday evening. This meant my room was CRAZY for a couple of days. But luckily I got everything sorted out just in time.

The picture above of the little elephant shows one of my favorite objects in my room. I have a thing for elephants, and I bought this one while I was in Disney World last year. It was a really great trip with my then-boyfriend and friends. I'll take a look at it and think about all the memories we made during that trip.

Does your room ever get a little out of hand? What's your favorite object in your room?

Yearly Traditions: Dying Easter Eggs

Yes, I googled "how to boil eggs"
My favorite mug is the one from Disney; it's "Grumpy"
When we were younger, it used to be that before Easter Sunday, my sister, my brother and I would all dye Easter eggs together. Then on Easter Morning we would have to wake up and go find the eggs that the Easter bunny hid from us.

Everything that came in the box for dying eggs!
Well one year, we weren't able to find all the eggs, and my parents couldn't remember where they hid the last one. Well....as you could imagine, this was a HUGE problem...we only found the egg when it started smelling AWFUL. Needless to say the next year, we hid plastic eggs instead of the real eggs so if we lost one, it wouldn't really matter.

Before boiling

After boiling!
This year, my sister got a job so whenever I come home I have to text her to see when/if she's coming home. She's also a super busy body so she's always on the go. Well I texted her while I was boiling the eggs and asked if she wanted to help me dye eggs. Her response: "I have work 5pm-1am. So just do it without me"...oh okay...

Purple and Gold for LSU, I didn't do this on purpose, but it's just the two best pictures of individual eggs

So that's exactly what I did. While I was kind of sad that my sister wouldn't dye eggs with me, I still had a really good time. There's something small about continuing traditions, even if it's by myself, that's really calming to me.

I had 12 colors; it was a lot to pick from, I think next year I'll take pick a pack with a few less colors

My friend and I are thinking of starting a YouTube channel, so while I was dying eggs I put on a few of my favorite YouTube channels on in the background and just hung out. While I was sad my sister couldn't be there dying eggs with me, it was kind of nice to pretend to have my house to my self.

The finished product

Do you have any projects/traditions you and your family like to do for this holiday? What are they? 

Things You Need to Know

I figured it's been about a year since I started this little blog (actually over a year, but let's not discuss that) and it was about time to come up with some new creative 'about me' facts. By reading some of my posts you'll already see that I spend a lot of time with friends and family, I crave traveling, and I'm in school.

But I got to thinking...what else could there be? What's something fun/random you don't know about me already. And thus, this post was created! I'm sticking with 13 facts, which you'll see why soon!

1. I was born on the 13th of August. No, not a Friday the 13th, but my birthday has fallen on a Friday multiple times. I like to consider 13 my lucky number, even though people swear it's not lucky. (No, I'm not trying to be like T.Swift. Not a fan).

2. Whenever people ask where I grew up, I always hesitate for a second. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, but spent all my summer/free time with my family down in New Orleans so I consider myself having 'grown up' in both places.

3. I prefer salty snacks to sweets. Bag of chips? Pretzels? Done and done. Cake every other day? No thanks.

4. I spend a lot of time, especially at night, driving around with my friends. From just two of us, to all five of us piling in the car. Some of these nights are my favorite memories.

5. When I was younger, I used to refer to myself as a giraffe. Not only do I have a long neck, but I've got a skin condition that makes my skin have patches that looks like a giraffe's spots at times.

6. My mom & I are pretty much the same person. Whenever I got my hair cut, I walked into the house and the first thing my dad said was 'Oh my god you look like a spitting image of your mother'. (It's funny because they're divorced).

7. I've never been out of the country.

8. I can speak Italian, somewhat fluently. I can read it almost perfectly.

9. I'm awful at doing my own makeup. I hardly ever wear any, unless we're going out or it's a dance.

10. I love beanies. Not all hats are created equal. Beanies will forever hold a place in my heart.

11. There's a tiny town called Cocodrie that will forever be my favorite place in the entire world. Regardless of where I travel to in the future.

12. I'd chose Cheeto Puffs to Crunchy Cheetos any day, though I'd never tell this to my mom ;)

13. I'm determined. If I set my mind to something, I'll accomplish it.

I'd love to get to know you as well! Send me an email or follow me at one of the bottom ones! Leave a comment here with a few things about yourself. 

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