There's A T-Shirt for That (Literally)

Wore a jersey to Disney World
Around this time next year, I’ll be so close to graduating, literally so close. So right now, I’m starting to think about wardrobe and the type of clothes that I want to buy. Being in a sorority, there’s a t-shirt for everything (while it sounds funny, it’s so true). Formal event? Semi-formal event? Exchange? Philanthropy event? Spring Break? You got it. There’s a t-shirt for all of those things.

And to the beach 
Well, these things don’t come cheap, and while they’re adorable I’ve started to think, you know how many t-shirts do I really need? You see, I live in these shirts. I work out in them, wear them around campus, wear them to hang out it, you know for everything. Over the past three-ish years here, I’ve amassed an arsenal of t-shirts.

And even to try on new glasses
So I’ve finally decided to not buy so many t-shirts. I mean, really what am I going to do with them after I graduate? Make a t-shirt quilt? Wear them around? Probably not. So, from now on, for every t-shirt I don’t buy, I’ll put the money in an account and I’ll spend it buying ‘real clothes’. Clothes that I’ll be able to wear around and that I’ll be able to throw together and actually look presentable again.

Have you ever given up buying one thing in order to save up for another? If so, what's your favorite thing you've bought after saving for quite some time?


  1. I need to do this with some of the things I buy, especially clothes or accessories. I don't buy them all the time anymore, but when I do - I always realize I have too many of them. It would be a great motivator to put the extra cash away :)

  2. I felt the same way!! I collected sorority/fraternity t-shirts in college it felt like. And I don't wear t-shirts, for any reason, and never have. No idea why I kept buying them. I finally stopped!

  3. I vote you make a quilt out of some of them! That's an amazing idea! You could totally start a trend where all the sorority girls make quilts out of their tshirts after graduation! Going to high school at St. Joseph's, there's a tshirt for everything too!

  4. I ended up willing out all of my sorority tees 2 years after I graduated. I just realized that nobody took me seriously when I was running around in a "Mudfest" t-shirt. At the same time, I did have a really hard time giving them up, because of the memories they held. I knew I wasn't the t-shirt quilt kind of girl though, and in the end, I was glad that I handed them down and allowed them to live on.

  5. Make the quilt because if you don't you will end up like me and pull a t-shirt out of the drawer to wear for your workout and it will be your old sorority t-shirt. (I say this because it's what happened this morning! I'll even show my age here and say it was a Theta t-shirt from 1998.)


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