Y'all I am so excited. Today is the last day of school for an entire week. Monday-Wednesday I have to work, but the second I get off of work on Wednesday I'll be heading straight to Gulf Shores with some friends to enjoy four days of beach time.

It'll be so nice to take a little break and step back from reality until we have to come back to school and kick it into high gear again with finals week looming around the corner. I know I've got about four research papers this semester, which I've been working on every now and then, but I've really got to settle down and finish them.

So for now, I'm off to relax and hang out with family and friends. Have a great vacation!

What do you do for spring break? 


  1. I love the Gulf! Have so much fun and enjoy:)

  2. We already had Spring break (for the whole month of February) and I just worked or meet up with my friends :)
    Have a wonderful Spring break!


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