Just A Formality

A couple of weekends ago, we had our sorority formal at Nottoway Plantation. For those who don't know, formal is kind of like senior prom. Each girl can bring a date, if she wants to, then we all take buses to our event.

Her dress was so stunning -- I loved it !

Nottoway Plantation is absolutely breathtaking and to have the entire thing rented out for us to play around in was so much fun. We danced a lot, and had a good time and even ran around the grounds exploring a little bit.
My little & grand little (they're precious)
Personally, I think the event was absolutely perfect! It was about 3 hours long, which was just the right amount of time because it was freezing outside, though we couldn't really tell while we were dancing. I hung out with friends, danced a lot, and laughed so much. It was really nice being able to get dressed up super nice and just hang out with a bunch of friends.

When was the last time you really dressed up and went out? 

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  1. you look so pretty! This makes me miss college so much! Formal was always so much fun!!


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