Easter Sunday Outfits

Easter Sunday Outfits

I was raised in a somewhat strict Roman Catholic family. This meant church every Sunday at 9 am, mass every first Wednesday of the month in school, and nice clothes for the important holidays, Christmas and Easter. 

Each Easter we got to go and pick out a new 'Easter Dress', or we would have one waiting for us in the morning when we were younger. Now, we only made the mistake of going to the Easter Vigil mass once...it's a 3 hour long mass, minimum....now if this is your thing, by all means please go and enjoy it, it's just definitely not my cup of tea. 

This year, I wasn't planning on going to mass, I haven't been in a couple of years, but I decided to go last minute with my dad. Though I won't be buying a new dress, I'll be wearing one that I've probably only worn once...maybe twice, it never hurts to look! 

Do you get dressed up for Easter/Passover/whatever it is you celebrate?


  1. I used to love easter dress shopping! Have fun!

  2. I grew up Catholic too and we had the same traditions in our home. To this day, I still buy myself a new Easter dress. I don't that will ever change! Love your choices here. I hope you and your family have a lovely Easter!

  3. love these!! perfect for church/Easter mass for sure :)

    i ahven't had a new Easter outfit/dress in a long time but it was always the best growing up to get a new Easter dress!

    great blog you have!

  4. I love the Peter Pan collar on that middle dress! too cute :)

  5. Ooh love these all but the first is so so sweet! Definitely get dressed up for Easter, love picking out my Sunday dress every year :)


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