To Live or Not To Live (In A Sorority House, That Is)

So, I live in a sorority house on campus, and like living anywhere there are definitely some pros and cons. For example: pro - you're right on the edge of campus and you have a bus literally steps from the front door to take you to campus (or you know, you can walk). Con - you have to share almost everything with everyone, so if that's not what you're good at I'd say move along. 

In our house, we're able to fit a lot of girls here. I'm talking around 59 girls (not 100% sure just how many, I just know it's a lot). Most people live in a two person room (like me) or a three person room (not like me). And the picture about can pretty much show you how our room (at least my side of it, since I tried to keep my roommates stuff out of the pictures) looks most the time. 

Annnd that's how my closet looks, after a bad weekend of course (you can see that I obviously need to do laundry...quite badly actually. I've been better about keeping my stuff at least contained in the closet or right next to my bed, but sometimes things just get out of hand. 

Honestly, I really like living in the sorority house. It definitely took a little getting used to, but it's kind of like a home away from home now. Though the day that I have my own room and my own space will be amazing. 

You see, I signed up to live in the house again next year (SENIOR YEAR!!!) with my same roommate, except it's down a quieter hallway, so hopefully we won't hear everyone when they're coming up the stairs. 

Would you ever live in a sorority house? What about sharing a room with someone? 


  1. Been there, done that! ADPi at GW had a townhouse with 30 beds. I cannot IMAGINE double that!! :)

  2. I lived in too, I loved my roommate. But we only stayed one year then got our own apartment. Our room was even messier because it was smaller than yours looks, but we had fun!

  3. i never lived in the sorority house but I think I would have loved it! but it was nice just to have one roommate.

  4. I loved living in the sorority house! IT was so nice not having to worry about meals and being so close to campus and living with some of my best friends in college! I did opt out for it my second year though.

  5. That sounds like a pretty big house! I never lived on campus and my sorority didn't have a house. If I had the money or option, I would've done it for at least a year! It looks like a blast :)


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