The Louisiana Half Marathon: A Recap

The capital before the run! 
Back in January, I ran my first half marathon. To say it was a feat would be the greatest understatement of all. Without the support and encouragement of the two girls that I ran with, I don't know if I would have been able to finish (maybe I'm being slightly over dramatic).

I woke up that morning at 5am, after a night of awful sleep. I was way too nervous to sleep and I kept thinking that I would miss my alarm clock or any call I would get from the girls I run with. Luckily for me, I didn't miss my alarm clock, and I was at the girls apartment on time.

We left super early to try and beat traffic (5:30-45ish, early), and it's a really good thing we did. After hanging out in the car for about 20 minutes we saw traffic start to get heavier and heavier as people began coming downtown.

We got out the car and decided to go walk around and try and warm ourselves up a little was FREEZING. We made our way to bag check (me of course not bringing anything...because why on earth would I need anything), which thankfully was inside. So we sat down, stretch a little bit and were able to warm up before heading back into the cold to find the bathrooms and the starting line.

Pre-running; so nervous but so excited
We each used the restroom and then got in the gates, behind someone with a pacer around 12:45. Since they didn't have corrals, and this was our first race, we decided to go a little behind them since our normal pace was about a 13:30 mile.

What really got us in the mood for the run was during the national anthem a flock of geese flew over everyone in the corral. Everyone started to laugh and as the gun went off to start the race, everyone had a smile on their face.

The first few miles were relatively easy, except for a massive hill at mile 4 (and by this I mean an interstate overpass, that in all actuality isn't too large). Around mile 4-5 we also started to run by the lakes on campus, where we've been training for the most part, so the track became really familiar.

We stopped twice during the race to use the restrooms because I've got a bladder the size of a two year old child's. But it wasn't until mile 10 that my knee began to ache a little bit. Surprisingly, it was easy enough to power through and just keep telling myself only threeish more miles.

Mile 12 came along and we all hit the, not literally. None of us had ever run that far before, in fact the furthest that one of the girls had ran was only 8 miles. So even making it to mile 12 was a feat! A little after mile marker 12, one of the girls decided she was going to jog/run the last part of the race. So she went ahead, and the other girl and I decided to take it easy and just keep power walking until we felt comfortable enough to run again.

Post-race; SO happy to be finished!
Right before we saw the 13 mile marker we decided to just go for it. To finish strong. And we did. We ran the rest of the way in and met up with the girl who finished a little before us.

Our unofficial time was 2:58, this was the time it actually took us running it. Not only did we finish (which was our goal), but we finished in under 3 hours.

Never have I been more proud of myself and the two girls that ran it with me. In twoish weeks, one of the other girls and I will be running another half marathon, this time in New Orleans  It'll be interesting to see how our time compares, and see how that race is. But honestly, we just want to finish.

What's the furthest you've ever run? 


  1. Aw good for you! My first couple half's were some of the most rewarding moments of my life, especially cause I didn't train and I was so relieved that I just finished! Congrats again :). Following you via GFC now!

    Alexandra xo

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