New York Fashion Week: The Live Stream

Right now, I'm halfway into my six hour shift at work, staring at a computer screen, instead of studying for the Italian quiz I've got right after I get off. 

What am I doing instead? Watching New York Fashion Week live. Yup, you read that correctly. It seems that NYFW has finally come into the 21st century and has set up live streaming of most of their events. If you want to waste some time, I'd suggest going to the website and checking it out. 

Personally, I love watching the fashion shows. While I can't (probably ever) afford any of the clothes, I love seeing the creative minds behind the lines and seeing all the hard work that it really takes to create a line.

Do you like watching the Fashion Shows? Or does it really not matter to you?
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  1. ooo! this is awesome! I have never streamed a fashion show but I do love watching them!


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