Mardi Gras Mambooo, Down in New Orleans

So, it's the day after Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras/whichever day you choose to call it, otherwise known as Ash Wednesday (if you're Catholic). So, while some of you may still be in snow up to your eyeballs (although, I hope for your sake, you're staying inside and warm), I'm sitting curled in my bed waiting for the only class I have today at 3 pm (all of my other classes were canceled, some even for the rest of the week!).

You see, living in Louisiana you get time off for the wonderful holiday known as Mardi Gras, and while technically Mardi Gras (mah-dee-graw) was yesterday I'm still choosing to celebrate it today. Y'all it was SO ugly outside yesterday, and today it's freezing cold.

So I'll personally stay snuggled up in my bed, sipping on some hot tea, and eating some king cake while listening to the Mardi Gras Mambo on repeat, choosing to relive all the parades I've been to this season. 

What are you doing today? Are you boycotting the real world like me? 


  1. Ugh I so wish I could boycott the real world, but my day off on Monday makes that utterly impossible.

  2. Can I cancel work in New York due to Mardi Gras? Hanging out in bed sounds like the perfect day!


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