Guess Who's Back? Back Again

No, it's not Shady (though I'm glad to be able to inform you of that). It's JT, aka Justin Timberlake, aka the greatest member of N'Sync. Ever since his new single has come out, my roommate's been playing both Suit & Tie and Mirrors constantly, but I'm not complaining. 

It seems as if he's just dropped what could be one of the greatest albums of the year all time. Hopefully if the past two singles are of any indication of what's to come, we're gonna be playing JT all the time. 

Secretly I'm hoping big band music will come back, with a modern twist of course. But big band music is my secret obsession. Ever since my friend Kristen had it for her wedding reception (in New Orleans, of course), I haven't stopped listening to it. 

Do you dig his new singles? Are you excited for his album?


  1. i was not a huge fan of the first song but it's growing on me!

  2. Suit & Tie I love, but Mirrors seems so self-indulgently long. I hope the whole album isn't going to be 5 - 10 minute long songs. I need some booty shaking!

  3. Shady's back...tell a friend.

    I couldn't help myself!

    I love old school JT, I'm really trying to love his new stuff.

  4. I hated Suit and Tie in the beginning. It's finally starting to grow on me. Finally. I just expected SO much more! But I definitely do not hate that radio stations are not playing throwback JT jams.


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