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This semester I knew that I would have a lot of reading to do. I mean, I singed up for 18 hours of all humanities courses. Reading was going to be in the cards. However, this semester I think I've read more in the first three weeks than I have in any other semester. Y'all, I've finished FOUR different books so far, and we're not even four weeks into school. 

With Mardi Gras break coming up next week, I'll be doing a whole lot of sitting on my couch, watching TV and catching up on school work (aka, more reading). I do want to read some non-school-related books soon. 

Do you have any suggestions on books? What have you read recently that you loved?


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  2. Currently I am reading The Queen's Fool by Philippa Gregory ... loving it! Are the books you are having to read for school at least interesting?

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  3. phew... hated reading mandatory reading for school. not i can't stop reading the "fun" books


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