Remembering Christmas

This past Christmas, was definitely one for the books. Since it fell on a Tuesday, celebrating it was definitely a long event that began on the Sunday before. Sunday we opened presents with my dads side of the family at my grandparents house. Christmas Eve was spent with my mom, per usual. And Christmas day was spent first at home opening presents, and then with supper (lunch time) with my dads side of the family again. 

This is where I've spent most of my break; relaxing with a cup of coffee in front of the Christmas tree

This Christmas at my mom's house we all got nerf guns for Christmas. Y'all it was hysterical. We all hid behind the furniture, jumped out from behind things and hid from each other as well all fired away. We all acted as if we were 10 years old again, including my momma. Unfortunately my step-dad had to work (he was on call all day) so he didn't get to participate. My mom said she'd be buying more ammo, so next time we'll be more prepared.

At my dads house, where these pictures were taken, when we woke up on Christmas morning we were awoken to Christmas Carols and hot coffee, the two things that I needed more than anything. After opening our presents we got in the car and headed to New Orleans for Christmas at my grandparents. One of my cousins got a pitbull puppy for Christmas and ended up bringing him to meet everyone. Y'all he was the cutest thing in the entire world and made me want a puppy so bad (ignore the fact that I don't have the time or the money to take care of one).

All in all, Christmas was wonderful. It was just the break that I needed.

Did you get to rest? Or were you on the road a lot as well? 


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  2. sounds like the perfect way to spend christmas :) love your cozy photos x

  3. It´s really awesome this blog, love it! Happy new year!

    1. Aw, thank you so much Clara! Happy New Year to you as well. I hope you have a great weekend.
      xo, Maria

  4. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! I love the nerf must have been a blast!


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