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I spent a lot of time with tea and candy, debating the decision

So, recently I've been thinking to myself 'what does this blog name really mean to me'. Well when I started blogging, four years ago (I had a different blog under a different email), I started with "A Day in the Life". At that moment in time, the blog was literally about what everyday of my life looked like at that time.

Well, when I decided to start Peppermints & Pixie Dust, I was at a point in my if where I was obsessed with peppermints, literally everything peppermints, and all things Disney (hence the pixie dust). Now, don't get me wrong, I'm still obsessed with all things Disney and I wouldn't turn down peppermint anything but it's about time to look for a permanent name for this little blog of mine.

So, without further ado, Peppermints & Pixie Dust will now be known as Tales From The South, because I feel like that's literally what I'm doing. Telling stories and tales from Southern Louisiana. It may take me a little bit to change everything over, but I'm trying!

What do you think about changing the blog name? Have you ever thought about changing your blogs name?


  1. This is literally the same thing I've been thinking about lately. I've been wondering about changing my blog name, it's quite a long one. I just have no clue what I'd want to change it to. I suppose I'll just keep pondering about it for now.

  2. I like the new name! And the tea. And the candy :)

    I've considered taking, "Confessions of a Wallflower" off the end of my blog name. I probably will next time I update my header. Which...might be a while!

  3. Love your new name - I truly believe that my blog is me and I'm always changing and growing and so is my blog - so if I decide to change its name one day ... then okay just part of growing and learning! ;)

    World According to Shia

  4. Ahh yum to the candy! I had a few Ferrero Rochers (which I really could have skipped lol!)

    1. I could definitely put down an entire box of this candy by myself, and probably have, in one sitting if I'm not careful.
      xo, Maria


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