Don't Slow Down

A little bit of a playlist that I run to; obviously my music taste is all over the place 

Everyday I try and run a little bit, sometimes I don't get out there but I make it a point to try. A normal running day for me is anywhere from 3-5 miles, but normally it'll be about 3.2-3.5 miles. Sometimes, during the middle of the run or at the end of the run, if I'm running by myself, I need a little boost. It's hard trying to run by yourself, and I kind of hate it. So whenever I'm feeling myself slow down, I'll just play one of the songs above and just keep powering through.

Unfortunately the past two weeks it's been in the 30s-50s and it's been raining, constantly, so I haven't exactly made it out to run. Supposedly on Wednesday/Thursday it's supposed to clear up for a bit, and I'll be able to go outside again without turning into a popsicle!

Do you have any power songs? What's your favorite thing to run to? 


  1. LIVING for Want U Back these days!!! (Princess Z even has learned most of the words)

  2. Young Blood is my ALL TIME favorite song! I always feel so alive when i listen this :)



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