And I Said, What About, Breakfast At Tiffany's?

I have something to admit to  y'all, before this past week I had never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's. I know, I know, it's ungodly for a girl to not watch that movie. But quite honestly, I had built the movie up so much in my head I was scared it wouldn't match up. Plus, if you even knew the list of movies that I haven't seen, your skin would crawl.

Now, you're talking to the same girl who's OBSESSED with Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf, who is obsessed with Breakfast at Tiffany's. So I wasn't sure really what to expect. Y'all I'm not sure why I waited this long to watch it, but I loved it more than anything in the world. So if you haven't seen it, GO. It's on Netflix instant play.

What good movies have you watched recently? I'm always looking for movies to add to my list. 


  1. you know, I haven't seen that in YEARS! check out Sabrina or Roman Holiday - two of my fave Audrey movies :) you'll love them!

  2. LOVE IT :) also, read the Truman Capote novella.... it gives you a lot more dimensions to Ms. Holiday Golightly

  3. I've never watched it (hides her face).

    I know...I know...I need to!

  4. Good for you! It's definitely a must-see for any girl. :-)

  5. No shame - I just recently saw it for the first time too!

    Have a great weekend!
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