A New Take On An Old Trend

A New Take On An Old Trend

Recently I've been thinking more and more about the types of clothes that I wear, and what are some trends that have really stuck around. Well, one of the more classic looks are Little Black Dresses, White Dresses and black and white clothing in general. 

So today, I've took some new twists on the old classics of black and white. Two kind of more relaxed looks with two more polished looks. Of course, I couldn't figure out which shoes I wanted so I just left them out. But, now looking at it, I kind think some color or a little bit of red would be perfect here. 

What do you think about black and white? Boring or classic? 


  1. The best ever! Never boring when you stick to the classics.

  2. To me, black and white will always be classic- Loving these outfits too! So cute!

    xx L

  3. Black and white is such a chic combination - I think it's classic and these outfits are divine!


  4. LOVE that leather skirt!!!!! Cute blog girly!


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