It's Okay, I'm Alive...Somewhat

When I think of all the work I have to do, this is the face I make...
So it's only the third week of school, and this semester is already kicking my butt. For some reason, all the classes I'm taking like to pile up the readings for the week. So, I'll be taking a short little break, and I'll be back full force on Monday (hopefully).

In the mean time, if you want to see what I'm actually doing (and to prove I'm really alive) you can follow me on twitter, or instagram.

What are your plans for the weekend?

The Best Thing You'll Ever See

But really, I'm swamped over here in school work right now (two presentations this week D:!), and this is something that I've watched over and over again. It makes me so happy.

Let me know what you think about it.

And I Said, What About, Breakfast At Tiffany's?

I have something to admit to  y'all, before this past week I had never seen Breakfast at Tiffany's. I know, I know, it's ungodly for a girl to not watch that movie. But quite honestly, I had built the movie up so much in my head I was scared it wouldn't match up. Plus, if you even knew the list of movies that I haven't seen, your skin would crawl.

Now, you're talking to the same girl who's OBSESSED with Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf, who is obsessed with Breakfast at Tiffany's. So I wasn't sure really what to expect. Y'all I'm not sure why I waited this long to watch it, but I loved it more than anything in the world. So if you haven't seen it, GO. It's on Netflix instant play.

What good movies have you watched recently? I'm always looking for movies to add to my list. 

A New Take On An Old Trend

A New Take On An Old Trend

Recently I've been thinking more and more about the types of clothes that I wear, and what are some trends that have really stuck around. Well, one of the more classic looks are Little Black Dresses, White Dresses and black and white clothing in general. 

So today, I've took some new twists on the old classics of black and white. Two kind of more relaxed looks with two more polished looks. Of course, I couldn't figure out which shoes I wanted so I just left them out. But, now looking at it, I kind think some color or a little bit of red would be perfect here. 

What do you think about black and white? Boring or classic? 

The Best Weekend EVERR

To say that we had an amazing weekend this past weekend would be an understatement. One of the reasons for that is because my roommate turned 21. We all started by going together with her for her first alcohol purchase (yay!), and helping her decide which to buy.

Afterwards we all got ready in the same room, because when you live in a sorority house why on earth would you bother getting ready separately? Having five people in one room that may be 10x10 is quite interesting. There was always someone going in and out the door, someone trying on another persons outfit to see what looks better, and there's never enough outlets for hair straighteners curlers. But you know what, I wouldn't have it any other way.

After getting ready we all piled into one car and headed to dinner. We ended up at a Mexican restaurant so the birthday girl could have some of their awesome margaritas. I'm pretty sure we stayed there for three hours....or at least two and a half.

We ended the night between two different bars, just dancing and having  a great time. It was a blast, and we all woke up the next morning laughing our butts off about what happened the night before.

Have you had a great time recently? What have you done? 

From This Moment

I spent a lot of time with tea and candy, debating the decision

So, recently I've been thinking to myself 'what does this blog name really mean to me'. Well when I started blogging, four years ago (I had a different blog under a different email), I started with "A Day in the Life". At that moment in time, the blog was literally about what everyday of my life looked like at that time.

Well, when I decided to start Peppermints & Pixie Dust, I was at a point in my if where I was obsessed with peppermints, literally everything peppermints, and all things Disney (hence the pixie dust). Now, don't get me wrong, I'm still obsessed with all things Disney and I wouldn't turn down peppermint anything but it's about time to look for a permanent name for this little blog of mine.

So, without further ado, Peppermints & Pixie Dust will now be known as Tales From The South, because I feel like that's literally what I'm doing. Telling stories and tales from Southern Louisiana. It may take me a little bit to change everything over, but I'm trying!

What do you think about changing the blog name? Have you ever thought about changing your blogs name?

A Family Tradition

My dad and my younger sister
One of my favorite things about coming home, and actually being able to stay at home for a bit, is the little family traditions that we've created over the years. Every Friday, my dad, sister and I go to dinner with some family friends that we've known for a very long time.

We try to pick different restaurants so we're not eating at the same places every other weekend. Dinner is a two-hour long ordeal, with anywhere from 8 to 10 of us there every time. A lot of times we get asked if we're all family. We're not. Or if we're celebrating something. Normally, we're not. We just love getting together and catching up on each others lives.

Because selfies are really the way to go
Shelby (my sister) and I are always the youngest there, since not any of the other peoples kids want to come, but we don't mind. She and I try to take the time and just mess around and hang out. It's a time that we get to catch up with each other as well since we're both really busy a lot.

After we all go to dinner, we travers from wherever we are to the Starbucks near our home. We've been going there for at least 3 years, and since we're there every Friday they know us there. We've seen staff changes, and we know everyone on the rotation. It's funny because we're always there until closing time.

"Girls, can we please just get a normal picture"....this is what ensues
Sometimes it's the little things like these traditions that I miss most about staying in the sorority house. While I am more than welcome to go to dinner with everyone, even though I'm at school, a lot of times it's hard for me to juggle everything with school.

What's your favorite family tradition? 

Don't Slow Down

A little bit of a playlist that I run to; obviously my music taste is all over the place 

Everyday I try and run a little bit, sometimes I don't get out there but I make it a point to try. A normal running day for me is anywhere from 3-5 miles, but normally it'll be about 3.2-3.5 miles. Sometimes, during the middle of the run or at the end of the run, if I'm running by myself, I need a little boost. It's hard trying to run by yourself, and I kind of hate it. So whenever I'm feeling myself slow down, I'll just play one of the songs above and just keep powering through.

Unfortunately the past two weeks it's been in the 30s-50s and it's been raining, constantly, so I haven't exactly made it out to run. Supposedly on Wednesday/Thursday it's supposed to clear up for a bit, and I'll be able to go outside again without turning into a popsicle!

Do you have any power songs? What's your favorite thing to run to? 

Working for the Weekend

Y'all this upcoming weekend is going to be one for the books. I cannot even explain how excited/nervous I am for this weekend. Not only is it the first time that I am running a half marathon, but it's also my roommates 21st birthday.

I'm not really sure what we're doing, but I know it's going to be a lot of fun. The group of girls that we have going to celebrate with her is a really great group, and we always have the most fun together when we go out. So Friday we'll be going out and celebrating with her, and maybe even Thursday night at midnight too (since it will be her birthday and all).

One of my running buddies, after we did a Halloween 5K
Saturday, however, I have to prepare myself for the half marathon on Sunday. I'll be going with my running buddies to the expo to pick up our packets and walk around for a little bit to see what all this pre-race nonsense is about. Then we'll be heading to a pasta dinner that night to carb load for the race on Sunday.

Sunday is race day. I'm not sure when I'll be back to tell about it, or how long it'll take me to get back to running/having a normal life. I'm so excited to be running a half marathon, and so glad that I've got two really great girls running it with me. It's so much easier to run when I know that there's someone who will be running by my side.

What are your plans for this weekend? Have you ever ran 13.1 miles or further? 

The First Weekend

Being silly at the reception
For me, the first weekend in January was spent with friends and family, and I couldn't have been happier. I spent the Friday night eating dinner with family and then drinking so much coffee it's kind of insane. Saturday, on the other hand, was one of my good friends wedding.

Best friend from work
I posted about being excited for the wedding, and not really being sure of what to wear. While I wanted to wear a LBD, little black dress, I wasn't really excited about the dress option that I had in my closet. So instead I went with a royal blue dress and nude pumps.

The wedding ceremony was really short, but you could tell that they both cared about each other so much, and their personalities shined through. The only complait that I really had was that I didn't really dress warm enough for an outside ceremony....which was completely my fault.

A friend from work was gracious enough to be my date to the wedding, and one of my best friends from work came with us as well. There weren't a lot of people that we knew at the wedding/reception so having people with me that I knew was a godsend.

All in all I had the time of my life, and it was a lot of fun.

Have you been to a wedding recently? What's your favorite part about weddings? 

A New Chapter Begins

A look into next semester

Before each semester begins, I like to take a step back and look at the classes that I've signed up for. Partly because it helps to keep me focused on what's to come, and partly because when the semester gets tough, I can look back at the beginning and see what in the world I was thinking whenever I signed up for these classes. For example, this is what I was thinking for this past fall semester, and this is what I was taking the spring semester before.

Now, I'm usually excited (or ready) for classes whenever they come along, but I cannot even explain the amount of excitement that I have for my classes next semester. For once, I'm not taking any classes that I have to take or any classes that are filler classes/for my major but not what I'm interested in. I really could not be more excited.

I'm taking two history seminars (which I may be slightly crazy for doing two at once), two Italian classes, one linguistics class, and one classical studies class. Taking two seminars in one semester could be kind of crazy, just because of the reading work that is involved. All in all it's a full plate, but I couldn't be happier with the class I'm taking.

What were your favorite classes to take? Are you taking any classes next semester?

One Short Day, In the Emerald City

This Friday, and possibly a few more Friday's to come, I've decided to link up with Long Distance Loving for her feature of Friday Fancies! This week she's chosen the color Emerald, since it is the panatone color of the year and all. 

Personally, I love the fact that this is the color of the year because with my pale skin, dark jewel tones are perfect for me. Whenever I see something emerald/ruby/cobalt I am immediately drawn to it and want to purchase it. 

I chose to keep each item under $50, so not to tempt myself to fall in love with something that I may not be able to afford. Although it's very tempting to just create a mood board that has an unlimited price range. 

Whenever I think of the color emerald, I think of the song One Short Day from the cast of Wicked. Growing up I fell in love with musicals early on, and whenever I discovered wicked all bets were off. It's one of my favorite plays, to date (even though I haven't seen it live, unless you count youtube videos). 

What colors are you naturally drawn to? 

A Houston Recap: In Food [Part 2]

We can do some damage when it comes to cupcakes

We had a few more places to try out on our last minute trip to Houston, and the next place on our list was Sprinkles. Their cupcakes are amazing, and if you ever have the chance you should definitely try them! The roommate and I ended up each bringing a box of cupcakes home to our parents and siblings. I know my dad and little sister really enjoyed them, so much so we ate six in three days. We split each cupcake so that we could try each one, and boy were they good. Though, if I lived by a sprinkles I'm not sure I would visit there all that often.

After some serious debating, my favorite place that we visited had to be Sweet Paris Crepes. Honestly, if you only have time to visit one place in Houston, I'd say go here. First off, everything is tiffany blue and silver, SO beautiful. Then, the crepes are absolutely to die for. I can't even begin to explain how much we enjoyed it. I got a savory crepe, while the other two got sweet crepes. Personally, I liked the one I chose more, but then again I'm not too much into sweets.

The damage done by all three of us
We had to leave on the first of the year, but before we left we wanted to grab something to eat so we weren't starving on the drive home. We were supposed to go to a cute little cafe, but they were closed for the holidays, so we ended up at the Brown Bag Deli. It wasn't very busy at all, and so we were served super quickly. Their sandwiches are SO good. It was such a great place to tie up our time in Houston.

All in all I really enjoyed each place that we tried, each for different reasons. I feel like it was such a great trip, and something that we all needed during the break.

What's your favorite restaurant in your hometown? Or where is your favorite place you've eaten while on vacation?

All the Other Kids with the Pumped Up Kicks

With all these posts about Houston, I figured I'd break them up, because I know sometimes it can be a little tiresome reading about the same thing for an entire week.

A friend of mine in the sorority recently bought a pair of sneaker wedges and I fell in love with them. The greatest thing about it? She said hers were super comfortable, which I"m all about. Although I'm kind of on a spending freeze right now since I'm trying to save for an upcoming trip [big news coming up later!!!], I wouldn't mind getting a pair of these for a present.

Personally, I'm in love with the last pair, the light tanish colored ones. I feel like, at least for me, even though black can be one of the most versatile shoes, the tan color would work better for me. There's something about the lightness that really attracts me to them, plus I'm trying to expand my wardrobe colors a little!

Have you ever thought about buying into the whole sneaker wedges trend? What do you think about them? 

A Houston Recap: In Food [Part 1]

To say that I gained at least five pounds when I came home from Houston may have been a slight understatement. We didn't do too much besides hang out, eat and watch movies (which is okay by all of us). One thing is for certain about Houston, they've got some awesome restaurants/cafes.

This was pretty much my uniform the entire time we were there; coat, scarf, leggings/jeans & a sweater 
The first place that we went to when we got into Houston was Empire Cafe for some coffee and cake. We hadn't seen each other in a couple weeks, so we wanted to go out and catch up a little bit. It was somewhat of a challenge to find a place so late on a Saturday night, but when we pulled up to Empire Cafe we saw we had at least 30 minutes left and sat down.

Grilled cheese with tomato and pesto from Cafe Brasil
On Sunday, we woke up a little late....and by a little late I mean around noonish. We ate 'breakfast' and then decided to go to the Galleria (my first time) and just walk around and see the sights. It was crazy, and by the time we were done I was more than ready to get out of there. To get a completely different change of scenery we decided to go to Cafe Brasil, which was in a really cute neighborhood. We all ended up getting the same thing (the grilled cheese with pesto and tomatoes) and devoured it within minutes.

Though these are only a few of the places that we ate [I'm getting to the rest], Cafe Brasil probably had to be my favorite, well it tied with Sweet Paris (which I'll tell you about later).

What's  your favorite type of food? 

A Last Minute Plan

The Roommate & I being silly on Bid Day 2012
To say that my roommate and I's New Year's Eve trip was last minute would be putting it lightly. The Thursday before the New Year our friend, who lives in Houston, texted us saying that she wouldn't be going to her lake house for NYE anymore. One thing led to another and literally within 20 minutes my roommate (A) and I were planning a trip to go and visit her.

Forever on the road
Back before winter break began, we had planned a trip to go and visit her to keep her company for a weekend and a few days, though that got derailed early on. When the opportunity presented itself to go and visit her because both of our work schedules allowed it, we couldn't say no.

We planned the trip Thursday, packed on Friday (kind of), and left Saturday after both of our shifts. She made a playlist called 'betches be road trippin' and we set out. (Side note: her playlists are some of the greatest.)

And we even brought home cupcakes! 
This was my first time going to Texas, and while it was a lot of fun, I don't think that I'll be relocating there anytime soon. It was fun, but I didn't really fall in love with Houston. The places we went and where we ate definitely deserves it's own posts though, and I'll get to that later!

Have you ever been to Texas? Did you love it there? Where's your favorite place to visit? 

A Holiday Wedding

A Holiday Wedding

On January 5th, I get to watch one of my best friends get married. He and I met while working at our current job, where he and his fiance both worked. I quickly became friends with the two of them, because everyone where we work get along. 

They're having a beautiful night wedding at a plantation where they're both from, which leads to a little confusion of what to wear. Night weddings require a bit fancier dress than day weddings, especially for a typical southern plantation wedding. 

I'll dawn a Little Black Dress or LBD, tan heels and pearls, with a cardigan to cover my shoulders when we're at the ceremony. Since it's the weekend after New Years, I'll probably thrown on a scarf and curl my hair (getting crazy over here y'all!). I'm not sure what my date will be wearing, but he's asked me to go shopping with him, so I'm sure we'll pick something out soon enough. 

I'm so glad that they have invited me to go to their wedding, they're the cutest couple I've ever seen and they really do make each other happy. 

Have you been to a wedding recently? What's your favorite time to see a wedding (noon, afternoon, night)?

Remembering Christmas

This past Christmas, was definitely one for the books. Since it fell on a Tuesday, celebrating it was definitely a long event that began on the Sunday before. Sunday we opened presents with my dads side of the family at my grandparents house. Christmas Eve was spent with my mom, per usual. And Christmas day was spent first at home opening presents, and then with supper (lunch time) with my dads side of the family again. 

This is where I've spent most of my break; relaxing with a cup of coffee in front of the Christmas tree

This Christmas at my mom's house we all got nerf guns for Christmas. Y'all it was hysterical. We all hid behind the furniture, jumped out from behind things and hid from each other as well all fired away. We all acted as if we were 10 years old again, including my momma. Unfortunately my step-dad had to work (he was on call all day) so he didn't get to participate. My mom said she'd be buying more ammo, so next time we'll be more prepared.

At my dads house, where these pictures were taken, when we woke up on Christmas morning we were awoken to Christmas Carols and hot coffee, the two things that I needed more than anything. After opening our presents we got in the car and headed to New Orleans for Christmas at my grandparents. One of my cousins got a pitbull puppy for Christmas and ended up bringing him to meet everyone. Y'all he was the cutest thing in the entire world and made me want a puppy so bad (ignore the fact that I don't have the time or the money to take care of one).

All in all, Christmas was wonderful. It was just the break that I needed.

Did you get to rest? Or were you on the road a lot as well? 

A New Year, New Resolutions

Every year I make an attempt to make a resolution, or two, in attempt to have a great up coming year. You can check out the sad attempt at making a resolution that I made last year, here.

This year, instead of making a resolution I'm going to make a promise to myself. Instead fo doing this and doing that, I'm going to just be happier. Live a better life. This year, I'm going to attempt to figure out who I am, what I love.

This year, I'll be concentrating on me and putting more time and effort into figuring out what I want to do, what I love doing and what I love (in general).

What about you? Did you make any new years resolutions? 

Happy Blog Birthday, to Me!

I started blogging a year ago, partly to keep a little diary for myself of the memories I'd been making throughout college, and partly so my momma can keep up with me on a somewhat daily basis.

Over the past year, I've picked up a few other followers along the way, and have made some really great connections with others. While I'm not too sure what the new year will bring, I do plan on keeping my little blog rolling as I continue my way through college and maybe even beyond.

Thanks for everyone whose kept reading, and for everyone I've picked up along the way.

All my love,

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