The Soundtrack to Your Life

Music is something that is very personal to me; I can hardly be found without my headphones in, listening to some sort of album. My iTunes is a very large and scary place, comprised of four different libraries (mine, my dads, my sisters and my older brothers).

Over time I've accumulated a lot more music, and a lot of different music. My musical tastes have changed over time, with friendships and boyfriends each have influenced some of my choices from different times in my life.

Recently, my iTunes freaked out on me and deleted all of my music, luckily I've backed up my music multiple times so I had it all on file. The thing that didn't back up with my iTunes? My playlists.

You might think, oh this isn't too big of a deal, it's just a playlist or two....that's where you're wrong. I had about 20 different playlists. All for different times in my life. I've had one good love, and one absolutely heart-stopping love, both of which came with different soundtracks. One for a girls weekend to New Orleans, and one for a road trip with my little sister to my paw paw's camp in Cocodrie. Each playlist was influenced by the people surrounding me; each has a different pace and a different style; each are individually their own, with great memories around them.

Slowly but surely I've been compiling them up again, since they were saved onto my iPod. The greatest part about building them back up, is that I get to relive all of the memories attached to the music.

Maybe someday I'll share some of the playlists with you, and describe some of their backstories.

Do you attach memories to certain songs? 

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