I'm Coming Home

Dun, dun dun....this is what my room looked like when I moved almost all of my stuff out of the sorority house back home. It looks like it's a crazy mess, and it was, but now I've got it all under control. 

Having almost all of my things in one place made me realize just how much stuff I really do have, and so much of it that I don't really use. It may have taken me about six or seven hours, but I went through everything that I brought home and really looked at what I had and how much I actually used it. 

While going through everything, I relieved all of the memories attached to the outfits, and pictures. When I was all said and done I had two huge black trash bags, one for actual trash and one for the clothes I brought to St. Vincent de Paul. 

I'm glad to say I've actually gotten my room back under control now, and can theoretically begin studying for the GRE and looking at graduate schools. Wish me luck. 

Have you ever done a massive cleanse of all your stuff? How'd it go?

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