Happy Christmas Eve

Christmas 2010 - Me, Elliot, Cory, Steven, Shelby
The picture above is from Christmas Eve 2010, back when things were much simpler, less confusing. Now-a-days Christmas (and holidays in general) are very confusing and somewhat complex. When this picture was taken, Elliot & I were dating, Cory hadn't left for his mission trip, Steven wasn't living in New Orleans and Shelby wasn't about to graduate high school.

Since then so much has changed; some for beter and some for worse, but we're all making it through. This year Cory will be on mission trip and won't be with us, Steven will be working until 3pm, and Elliot and I broke up, so he'll be with his family. So for a bit, it'll be just me and Shebs (the loving nickname I have for her).

Every year, the holiday season gets a little tricky; which parent gets what holiday, for how long, etc, etc., etc. Christmas is the one time where the holidays are actually insanely simple. We always do Christmas Eve with my mom, and Christmas Day with my dad.

Christmas Eve with my mom is possibly one of my favorite holiday memories. We always get together and eat a lot more chips and dip than we could ever even imagine eating and then having Christmas Eve dinner which is always Seafood Gumbo.

Unwrapping the presents and just hanging out, watching A Christmas Carol and just spending time with each other, something that we normally don't get to do. We all live very busy, hectic lives, so spending the little time we can together always makes me happy.

How do you spend Christmas Eve? Do you have any specific traditions? 

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  1. I love that picture! We spend Christmas Eve at my cousin's house with the whole extended family and then a smaller group comes to our house on Christmas Day. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!


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