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I ran into this post from the blog Long Distance Loving, and immediately connected with the picture included it. She talked about running, and how it's harder for her to work out during the winter time. I couldn't agree more with her, especially as the weather down here is just so up and down.

Now, I'm not dealing with any kind of snow or sleet or anything to that nature, but down here it's a really wet cold. So, waking up in the morning, my first thought isn't "Yes, today is a beautiful day to go running." On top of that, I'm insanely clumsy. So for me, running is almost hazardous. Normally, I'd just move my workouts inside to a track or a treadmill, but it's winter break and that means that the Rec is closed.

So, now I'm looking for different ways to work out. I can't exactly afford to spend money taking a barre class (which I'm kind of obsessing over right now), or a Pilates/yoga class (which are my favorite thing ever). So I'm turning to alternative ways. Since I'm staying at my dads house, and he has a Wii, I'll be doing my cross training by using the WiiFit and riding my bike.

So far, I've really slacked off working out, and so I'm hoping this weekend/next week I can get back on the horse!

What are your suggestions for working out during the winter?

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