A Look Around My Room

Personally I believe that someones bedroom tells a lot about the person that lives there. Whether it's messy or clean, calming or chaotic, it truly tells about someones personality.

If you look around my room, the first thing you'll see when you walk through the door is a pile of laundry in a basket that my momma bought for me before my Freshman Year of college. My walls are painted a light shade of blue, my favorite color, and the laundry basket is no different. Blue basket, overflowing with laundry from the last couple of weeks, because I'm never on top of my laundry.

The next thing that will probably catch your eye as you meander around my room is my nightstand. My nightstand is home to a collection of things, but right now it is home to a gallon sized bag of cookies that are awaiting to go to Elliot's family. A little green lighter is waiting to be used on the candles and incense that hide in the nightstands drawer. And a bottle of aleve awaits to be used right before bed to ease the pain in my knees from the changing weather.

On the other side of the nightstand is a stack of books, books awaiting to be read. Books that are stacked almost as high as the nightstand on the other side. Books about love, romance, adventure, heartbreak, utopias, distopias and the past. Books that will transport you into another world, or maybe to the past of this world. Either way, they will be read. Slowly but surely, they will be read.

And finally you'll probably meander over to my desk. The place where I spend every night before bed doing homework, studying for the GRE, writing papers, and applying for passports. There you'll find whatever snack I've been eating that day...normally, like the above picture, you'll find way more chips and queso than one person should ever eat in one sitting, and a bottle of water. Then your eyes may wander to the bright gold sheets of paper, and maybe question what it is. I'll be filling out a passport application for a trip this summer (more to come on that matter).

And on the other side of my cherrywood desk you'll find some of the more important things to me, my planner, chocolate, my phone and my computer. My phone and computer are two of the most important items that I own. My planner has got my life in it; everything that I need to do, appointments I'm supposed to be at, etc. And finally chocolate, because every girl needs something sweet every now and then.

A look around my room will show you many things; that as much as I like to try and stay clean and organized, every now and then my room will get a little chaotic, just like my life.

What do you think your room says about you? 


  1. nice room! I want to eat the chocolate on your desk :D

    1. Thank you! Oh trust me, it's all gone now...chocolate doesn't stay near me for too long without being eaten! xo, Maria

  2. Loving the cherry wood desk! So pretty. Your room looks so nice and cozy :)

    Alexandra xo


  3. I love seeing other people's bedrooms and/or dorms. It does say a lot about them and it's also just really fun!

  4. Loved this feature, being able to take a peek inside bloggers lives is so fun :)
    I think my room says I'm a bit OCD but I'm okay with that lol xo

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping to do it again when I get moved back into the sorority house soon. I think that room says that I'm a tad OCD at school as well, lol! I hope you have a great weekend, Georgina.
      xo, Maria


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