A Look Back at 2012

It's normally around this time of the year where I like to look back and reflect on everything that's happened over the past year. Kind of like a little yearly wrap up. To tie up loose ends, finish each chapter, and move on. So without further ado, here's what my last year looked like:

January rolled around and I made resolutionsfreaked about how crazy my semester was going to be, and celebrated a friends birthday by having an Arrested Development themed birthday party (first picture below)

February: brought in an epic form of studying motivationValentine's Day, a huge hair change,  a few mardi gras parades (pictures below) & a house party where we watched a friends band play (below)

They were awesome; I'm not just saying that because I love them

March: St. Patrick's Day parade,  brought a friends birthday where we had a Phantom of the Opera party, a new puppy, & my sorority's formal

We get asked if we're twins/sisters all the time, but in reality we're just best friends

April: I got stuck in the rain without an umbrella, it was Elliot's & my Momma's birthdays, and I tried a new face routine which was insanely interesing

May: I got a brand spankin new pair of glasses, my sweet boyfriend moved back home, we went to Disney World, and got my grades back:

June: In June I dumped out my purse for the world to see, recapped Disney through photo passes, had a farewell party, and then recapped the Flower and Garden festival, went to a family reunion (pictures below), and finally brought a kitten home (to Elliot's, that is).

First generation
Second generation
Third generation
Fourth generation

July: I spoke about growing up southern, participated in Christmas in July, packed for a family beach trip, went on a family beach trip, made two years with the sweetest boy, and built a massive blanket fort

August: there was sorority recruitment, thoughts about burning bridges, my 20th birthday, my dad's 50th birthday, and sorority Bid Day

This is one of my littles; she's the most precious person in the entire world

From a friend's birthday dinner - it was a lot of fun
September: brought a hurricane, the biggest heart break, thoughts on happiness, and the boys at work letting me play fantasy football with them. Sadly, I don't have any pictures from this month, but it's okay... I didn't do too much here anyways.

October: a calm Halloween, picking up running, running my first 5K, being in the pit for my first fashion show, and many football games

November: I kind of disappeared from the blog world (and the real world), but I was brutally honest with myself, won a giveaway, spent a weekend in New Orleans, and watched my baby sister in her last band competition.

From my grandfathers fishing camp in Cocodrie 

December: December was a month of acceptance for me. I learned so much about myself, and came to accept a lot of the things that happened this year. December was a month of happiness for me, so much family time and friend time.

All in all, this year was a good year. The good outweighed the bad by far.

How was your past year? Are you looking forward to the next year?

A Look Around My Room

Personally I believe that someones bedroom tells a lot about the person that lives there. Whether it's messy or clean, calming or chaotic, it truly tells about someones personality.

If you look around my room, the first thing you'll see when you walk through the door is a pile of laundry in a basket that my momma bought for me before my Freshman Year of college. My walls are painted a light shade of blue, my favorite color, and the laundry basket is no different. Blue basket, overflowing with laundry from the last couple of weeks, because I'm never on top of my laundry.

The next thing that will probably catch your eye as you meander around my room is my nightstand. My nightstand is home to a collection of things, but right now it is home to a gallon sized bag of cookies that are awaiting to go to Elliot's family. A little green lighter is waiting to be used on the candles and incense that hide in the nightstands drawer. And a bottle of aleve awaits to be used right before bed to ease the pain in my knees from the changing weather.

On the other side of the nightstand is a stack of books, books awaiting to be read. Books that are stacked almost as high as the nightstand on the other side. Books about love, romance, adventure, heartbreak, utopias, distopias and the past. Books that will transport you into another world, or maybe to the past of this world. Either way, they will be read. Slowly but surely, they will be read.

And finally you'll probably meander over to my desk. The place where I spend every night before bed doing homework, studying for the GRE, writing papers, and applying for passports. There you'll find whatever snack I've been eating that day...normally, like the above picture, you'll find way more chips and queso than one person should ever eat in one sitting, and a bottle of water. Then your eyes may wander to the bright gold sheets of paper, and maybe question what it is. I'll be filling out a passport application for a trip this summer (more to come on that matter).

And on the other side of my cherrywood desk you'll find some of the more important things to me, my planner, chocolate, my phone and my computer. My phone and computer are two of the most important items that I own. My planner has got my life in it; everything that I need to do, appointments I'm supposed to be at, etc. And finally chocolate, because every girl needs something sweet every now and then.

A look around my room will show you many things; that as much as I like to try and stay clean and organized, every now and then my room will get a little chaotic, just like my life.

What do you think your room says about you? 

An Evening Out

An Evening Out

Slowly but surely, I've started choosing more 'adult-like' clothes, what this means at least to me,    means that the new clothes that I'm buying clothes that I can wear now but I can also wear whenever I get a 'big-girl' job.

So when I'm looking at clothes to buy, I'm looking for versatility, quality and cost. I don't know about you, but I follow a lot of different blogs that are like "Oh, these clothes are amazing and they're beautiful and comfortable, etc." but they're also about $234234235. I, personally, can't afford most of the clothes that a lot of the fashion bloggers buy. At least here, I'll be attempting to post affordable clothes (or what I think are affordable).

I don't exactly 'go out' like a lot of college kids do. Don't get me wrong, I've been out a bit and I go out every now and then with friends but I'm not always looking to go out and get drunk all the time. So when I'm looking for 'going out' clothes, I'm looking for something that I could not only go out to a bar in, but I could also go out on a weekend to a restaurant or a park.

Lighter pastel colors have always caught my eye, there's something about the femininity and lightness of the colors attract me. When I saw this dress, I immediately fell in love with it. I'm normally not the biggest fan of gold, but they just used it so perfectly here that I had to incorporate a little bracelet.

Do you like silver or gold more? What colors are you more naturally drawn to? 

A Sickly Holiday

So many different types of drinks & medicines 
It wouldn't be the holidays without someone being sick in our family, and it just so happened that this year that someone was me. The friday before Christmas I woke up feeling not so hot, but I went to work and trucked through the day. However, by the time I got home I was so far past exhausted it wasn't even funny.

I may not have moved from this spot at all....
My dad has a running joke going that he always knows that I'm about to come down with something because I was actually sleeping. Well, he wasn't joking; two-three days before I was going to bed around 9-10pm and sleeping through the night until 7am the next morning when I had to be up for work.

Unfortunately, I came down with 'clinically consistent strep', which sounds just about as awful as it is. Basically what happened was I got strep back in October, got the shot to make it go away, which made it go away for a little bit, but then it came back.

I could stare at the Christmas Tree all night
Sickness for me means that I lay down on the couch and act pitiful until I feel better. Luckily for me, my dad was home and was bale to help me out a little bit (I'd get dizzy every time I stood up from the medicine).

Thankfully I got it out the way before Christmas Eve/Christmas Day, and hopefully I'll have fulfilled my sickness quota for the next few months.

How did your holidays go? Did y'all have a good time?

Merry Christmas!

Thanksgiving 2012 - Some of the Cousins on my Dads side

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you and yours.
All my love,

Happy Christmas Eve

Christmas 2010 - Me, Elliot, Cory, Steven, Shelby
The picture above is from Christmas Eve 2010, back when things were much simpler, less confusing. Now-a-days Christmas (and holidays in general) are very confusing and somewhat complex. When this picture was taken, Elliot & I were dating, Cory hadn't left for his mission trip, Steven wasn't living in New Orleans and Shelby wasn't about to graduate high school.

Since then so much has changed; some for beter and some for worse, but we're all making it through. This year Cory will be on mission trip and won't be with us, Steven will be working until 3pm, and Elliot and I broke up, so he'll be with his family. So for a bit, it'll be just me and Shebs (the loving nickname I have for her).

Every year, the holiday season gets a little tricky; which parent gets what holiday, for how long, etc, etc., etc. Christmas is the one time where the holidays are actually insanely simple. We always do Christmas Eve with my mom, and Christmas Day with my dad.

Christmas Eve with my mom is possibly one of my favorite holiday memories. We always get together and eat a lot more chips and dip than we could ever even imagine eating and then having Christmas Eve dinner which is always Seafood Gumbo.

Unwrapping the presents and just hanging out, watching A Christmas Carol and just spending time with each other, something that we normally don't get to do. We all live very busy, hectic lives, so spending the little time we can together always makes me happy.

How do you spend Christmas Eve? Do you have any specific traditions? 

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