Senior Year

Y'all my little sister is a SENIOR in high school. This makes me feel so insanely old. She's the flag team captain at school and recently they had their band competition. It's kind of like battle of the bands, but marching band edition.

I'm not sure how they did, but I love their performance. I know how much hard work she puts into being captain and how much she practices. To see all her hard work pays off makes me so proud as a big sister.

It's weird for me to go to her high school performances and see so many of the kids that we grew up around. The high school she goes to is really 'small town' feeling. A lot of the kids live in the neighborhood that we live in now, or went to the same middle school as we attended.

I'm so proud of her and all the girls on the flag team. I know she's going to do such great things with life, she has such great ambitions and so many big dreams. I can't wait to see how she does in life.

Do you have any siblings? 


  1. so cuuuteee :)

  2. Nope, I always wish I had a brother though! Or sister! But mainly a brother, nto sure why haha


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