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Recently I found a company called The Southern Shirt Company and fell in love. I had been looking for a few new hats that I could wear running, and heard really great things about this company. When I went to see what they looked like, I discovered that they had a TON of different colors (18 to be exact). 

I placed my order and then waited paitiently for it to come in, which was actually pretty quick! Something that I really loved about the company was that they hand wrote thanking me for my order. That's something that's really awesome, and not a lot of companies will do.

When I opened the box, this is what it looked like. Not only did they send me my order, but they also sent me two stickers along with it. This made me so happy because I loved the colors they sent.

The first thing I did was take the hat out of the box and try it on. I love the way it fits and the way the material feels. Another really great thing is that instead of having notches to choose from to see which fits best, it has an adjustable leather strap in the back.

I may have gotten a little bit carried away when I was ordering the hat and ordered a few koozies as well. I'm a sucker for a good koozie, and use one whenever I have a cold drink. I put one over my water bottle the other day when I was running out the house and it was a little snug. I know, they're used for cans normally but it was perfect for the water bottle!

All in all, I'm super happy about my purchase from them and would definitely look into purchasing either a shirt or another hat next!

Have you heard of The Southern Shirt Company before? 

Disclaimer: I bought the products from the Southern Shirt Company. All opinions are my own and based on my experiences while using the products. I am not being compensated by this company.

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