A little while ago I won a giveaway from Blair's Head Band! She recently went to the UK and came back with this adorable tea set. 

Now, I brought this home and the first thing my roommate did was tweet a picture saying "my roommate always brings home the cutest things." She's obsessed with anything and everything from England, so when I told her it was actually from the UK she flipped out. I'm slightly obsessed with tea, so to win her giveaway was kind of perfect.

She wrote the sweetest letter to accompany the tea, and even added in an Essie nail polish. It was something I wasn't expected, and made me smile at the best time. If you haven't checked out her blog, you should. She lives in New York City (jealous much?), and is obsessed with gossip girl (I was obviously meant to find her blog). 

Have you ever won a giveaway on a blog? 


  1. Pssst I'm a little obsessed with you, too :p

  2. i dont drink tea but those are adorable!



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