This one time...

I got strep during midterm week.

So I've been a little absent as of lately, mainly because Sunday morning I woke up with a sore throat. I was like, meh it'll go away....Tuesday rolled around, ya'll it did not go away, it got worse. So finally on the way to sorority meeting Tuesday night (we usually have dinner before) when I couldn't eat anything, and hadn't eaten all day, I decided it was time to go to the doctor.

When I say I hate going to the doctor, I HATE it. There are so many other things I'd rather be doing. I'm really good at procrastinating and putting things off but Tuesday night when I was having trouble even swallowing it was about time to go to the doctor.

Now, I'm the biggest baby when it comes to being sick, ever. I hate being sick and I have being alone. I had half a mind to go home to my dads and just tell him to take care of me until it was gone, however it was midterm week and that's not exactly an option.

Sure enough, after going to the doctor I found out I had strep. And not just normal strep, because that would be too easy, I had an 'extremely contagious' strand of the virus and it would be with me for at least 48 hours, even if the side effects had gone away. Cool. So I got a huge shot and then drove myself back to the sorority house.

When I say walking is a challenge, going from the bus stop (about 50 feet away from our house) to the house makes me exhausted. It's really not okay. So I took a few days off (besides going in to take a mid term) and hopefully will try and go back for a full day tomorrow...we'll see how that goes.

I hope y'all are doing a bit better than me! Do you always seem to get sick at the worst possible times? I know I do.


  1. tis the season!! i hope you feel better!

  2. Ah no, feel better! At least you have a great excuse to eat ice cream and you totally went for my favorite!


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