See if You Can Run It

Recently I started training for a half marathon, and with that I needed some way to track my runs. Where I ran, how fast, how long it took me, what my average pace was, etc. In comes the Nike+Running app.

When the new school year started, my dad offered to buy me some new shoes since my old ones are slightly falling apart. However, instead of buying normal walk around campus shoes, he bought me new running shoes! I didn't know it at the time, but they were Nike+ shoes, which meant I could download the Nike+Running app and track everything on there.

The other day my friend pointed out that I could download the app and that I should give it a try. I did and I don't regret it one bit. My Nike+ app syncs up with my shoes and it syncs up with the website as well. It's kind of awesome.

I'm able to see how much I've improved in the short week I've been training! The only downside is that on the days that I cross-train instead of run, it doesn't track the progress I'm making there.

Do you have Nike+ shoes/app? Do you like it? 


  1. wow!! you have guts girl! i dont know if i could do that. good luck! :)
    i don't have that app-- i'll have to check it out and get running!

    andrea brionne

  2. I haven't tried Nike+ yet but would like to - I normally map out my runs beforehand then strap on my watch and heartrate monitor to see how I did. Good for you for training for the half! I always do them without training and it's so much more brutal than it needs to be! Just remember...10 in 1's will save you if you start cramping or need a mid-point rest!

    Alexandra xo

  3. Im a terribe runner but you are so good! Thats so exciting to train for the half! Congrats!


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