Running Gear: Nike

Running Gear: Nike

I just started running recently after joining Sole Sisters on campus. Now, I know nothing about running, but I do love clothes and shopping. Now, I've never actually run before so I don't really actually own any 'running clothes'. 

After our first legitimate run yesterday, I decided it was time for me to sit down and actually invest some money in clothes that would be good for running. So I went to the nike website and began to look around. 

It's October here, but what that really means is it's in the upper 80's, so buying racer back tanks and regular tanks in general is alright for now. I really loved the dri-fit shirt that I borrowed from a friend recently so I wanted to buy that type of shirt as well. 

Y'all, on Nike's clearance part of their website I bought 7 shirts for a little bit over $100! That's really great, plus it gives me a chance to actually wait to do laundry. I have a lot of sorority tanks that I can wear when I'm not going running outside, so I'm not worried about running out of clothes! 

I'm excited to go running and actually begin training! 

What is something you've been looking forward to recently? 

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  1. whoa! cannot believe you snagged 7 shirts for $100 - would never think you cold do that with Nike


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