Pick Three: Blue, Yellow & Purple

Pick Three: Blue & Yellow

With the winter weather supposedly coming, I like to try and keep using as much color as possible. When the shorter days come, I'm one of those people who fall into the slums of the dreary grey days. 

Although the days haven't gotten shorter just yet, I'm starting to feel the dreariness because of the heat. It's overstayed its welcome and I, personally, would love for some fall weather. October is a time where I begin to fall in love with the color orange and everything pumpkin, but before I fall into the cycle of Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years Eve colors, I'm trying to keep it differently. 

For this outfit I found the blazer first and fell in love with it. I had been playing around with this dress for ideas of LSU games, but the purple heels are definitely not tailgating/gameday appropriate. 

What color combinations are you loving this fall? 

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