New Orleans Fashion Week: Fair Fit

As I mentioned yesterday (link), I went to New Orleans Fashion Week with my roommate to see two shows on Friday night. We were supposed to see a few more, but ended up getting there too late (boo traffic and work). And now onto the show! 

We showed up on Friday, not knowing what to expect after emailing in asking about bringing a lot of cameras to take pictures/video with. However, once we got there all our nerves went away. We received media passes (to the media pit!!!) and got a lot of good shots. 

The collections we saw were Fair Fit & Andrea Loest. They're both done by the same designer, so you could see the relation to the two collections but they were so beautiful. 

A little about Fair Fit: "Fair Fit started out as my thesis project that explored participatory garment production models. As a fashion designer, I am always being asked to make things fit a certain way, and am critiqued as to why they don’t. In response to this problem, I fragmented my patterns, and asked my clients to tell me how the parts of the garment can be reassembled in a way that brings them more wearability and freedom to represent the garment in ways determined to be functional and comfortable.

And now, without further delay, the pictures from Fair Fit! 

The last picture makes me so happy because they were actually able to see their hard work pay off. 

Have you ever been to a fashion show? Would you go if you were given the chance?

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  1. Love it! I love the stitching on the looks and the wigs the females are wearing.

    <3 Melissa


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