New Orleans Fashion Week: Andrea Loest

To continue on from my post from yesterday (link), the second show that we went see was Andrea Loest. This collection was done by the same designer from the first collection, and it really showed. 

I got a much better spot in the media pit for this show, so the pictures came out so much better (and I knew what to do and what not to do a little bit more). I think I loved this collection a little bit more than the last one, but the clothes were still phenomenally done.

A little bit about her and her collection from her website: "My work explores the motivations hidden in the individual arrangement of these signs, and reveals the potential to use the garment in new and exceptional ways. Through projects designed to allow the participant direct interaction with the garment, I make tangible the individual’s personal relationship with each article."

You can really tell all the love and time she put into designing and creating her clothes because it really shines through. And without further delay, pictures from the show!

Would you rather be in the media pit for a fashion show, or be a guest?

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