Hollyday's Hustle (5k)

While it may not be the best quality picture, it shows everyone who went running with us
I'm training for a half marathon in January with a group of girls in my sorority and others on LSU's campus called Sole Sisters. Well, this past weekend I ran the Hollyday's Hustle with a few other girls in my sorority.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect, not having actually run a 5k before, but when I got there I was really relieved. We left super early in the morning (7:45am) to get there early enough to warm up and get pre-race nerves out.

They had breakfast and coffee and water available to all the runners and even a warm up session to prepare us for the race. In my training packet, there's a specific way we run for beginners, so I ran the race training that way.

My time was 39:04, which was really good for 3.1 miles. I wasn't expecting to come in under an hour, nevertheless under 45 minutes. My average mile time was about 12:30, which is 30 seconds faster than my past few runs.

It was so great to actually be able to run with other people, and run a different route from the one I'm used to running. I can't wait until another 5k comes up!

I'm off to New Orleans for the weekend, but I hope y'all all have a really great weekend!

Do you run? Have you ever walked/ran a 5k before?


  1. I do not run unless chased! But good job in beating your personal best! That's so great!

  2. Great job! It's great you have a group to keep you motivated and make it more fun!

  3. i'm running my first 5k on thanksgiving! well.. probably jogging it is more of an accurate statement. but i'm excited about it! my boyfriend ran a half marathon over the summer and really encouraged me to get in shape and start running! great job running your miles 30 seconds faster than you had before! that's awesome!


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